New Chicago Marketing Firm Sends Strong Message

FIDESSA: BSO PROVIDES DIVERSE ROUTES TO KEY FINANCIAL HUBS FOR GLOBAL TRADING PLATFORMIt’s not just Google shaking things up in the West Loop. This week, Chicago’s agency scene experienced a bit of seismic activity with the launch of SRW – a band of agency exiles who just might be onto something.

Established Chicago entrepreneur and co-founder and executive of the advertising agency Frequency540, Charlie Stone, has fled his old digs on Michigan avenue for the hustle-heavy atmosphere of Fulton Market. Joining him are two industry experts, Brian Rolling and Kate Weidner, and a loyal client base, including Natural Prairie Dairy, Agrivision, CGN Global, TADA technologies, FEW Spirits, Illinois Mutual, Healthy Schools Campaign, The Lockwood Group, Donuts and others.

A mix of strategic communications and content marketing, the new venture has a lean and mean model.

But like, for real.

“SRW is the agency without walls,” said Stone. “Our clients benefit from tapping into our proprietary network of global talent, developed and nurtured over the past two decades. This allows us to bring the right expert to every project, delivering verifiable results faster and for less cost.”

Award-winning director, Brian Rolling, whom Stone has known and worked alongside for more than twelve years, is now the R in SRW. Rolling spent the last year operating his own growing production company. He offers deep experience building communities through content, while producing quickly and affordably.

“We live in a virtual world. Brands no longer want to bankroll fancy, expensive agency offices with yoga studios,” said Rolling. “Clients can gain significant savings by investing in a vast network of top resources, instead of being constrained by the talent within the four walls of a particular agency.”

The missing puzzle piece was founding mother, Kate Weidner, a former journalist and marketer from the TV world, who met her now partners when she established and grew the production department at their previous firm.

“As a journalist and a storyteller, I’ve been trained in the art of engagement,” said Weidner. “I’m not excited by telling people what they want to hear, but I love helping them discover what they need to know.”

“And I believe when brands tap into what people need, they flourish,” she said. Together, Stone, Rolling & Weidner promise not only to grow communities for their clients, but to provide a much-needed focus on engagement.

“We encourage all our clients to quit advertising to achieve greater results,” said Stone. “After all, we did.”

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