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PDFTables release a more flexible Enterprise solution to help businesses in their digital transformation

PDFTables release a more flexible Enterprise solution to help businesses in their digital transformation

As digital transformation becomes a key focus in businesses today, PDFTables know that flexibility and visibility of systems is important. PDFTables is a cloud-based SaaS large-scale PDF to Excel conversion tool. After launching PDFTables in 2015 as a web service, Sensible Code soon noticed a demand for their tool as an Enterprise solution. Customers from a range of business sizes were asking for a solution that could be hosted on-premises with that extra layer of security when processing sensitive information. The Enterprise solution is an efficient, accurate and reliable product that reduces costs, manual input and allows clients to free up resource.

Initially, PDFTables Enterprise was available as a linux VM.

Sensible Code have now released an update such that PDFTables Enterprise is distributed as a standalone Linux server binary in a zip file, configured via systemd.

You can now install the software on a Linux server in your own infrastructure. This new delivery mechanism will give more flexibility and visibility into the running of the system.

The Sensible Code Company was founded in 2010 with a vision of a world where everyone can easily make full use of data. Their products, including PDFTables, help customers introduce automation into everyday business processes by applying modern technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Based in the UK, the Sensible Code team work with customers in the US and Europe, in finance, oil & gas, education and more.

PDFTables accurately converts PDF pages to XLSX, CSV or XML at an average rate of 3 pages per second. The unique algorithm scans a document much as your eye would, it understands spacing to accurately identify rows and columns. The web service is securely hosted on Amazon Web Services, in its own Virtual Private Cloud and all transactions are end-to-end encrypted. By using the API, you can bulk convert PDFs using any programming language, integrating PDF data extraction into your operations. The same API featured on the website is available in the Enterprise solution.

The PDFTables Enterprise is an annual rollover license to use PDFTables if you need to convert large volumes of PDFs, to keep data on your own network or a Service Level Agreement. A free trial of PDFTables Enterprise is available.

The web service has the same capabilities as the Enterprise solution, and hence is a great way to run tests with some sample PDFs, using your free 75 pages. Upon landing on the PDFTables website, you instantly have 25 free page credits. If you then go on to create an account, you will receive another 50 free page credits. Once you have exhausted these, the pricing packages start at $30, with an average cost per page of $0.02. You can purchase up to 100,000 page credits at any one time, and if your PDF page does not convert, for example it contains only images, your page credits will not be impacted.

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