nuage logoNuage provides Social Business Collaboration solutions that take workplace collaboration and communication to a new level. By delivering secure business tools that directly impact workplace productivity, Nuage’s solutions go beyond simple file sharing and collaboration and empower companies and work teams to get things done faster. You can use Nuage solutions to:

  • Create a global, collaborative workplace that can be accessed anytime, anywhere no matter where work may take you
  • Share documents, information and ideas with colleagues and business partners
  • Route documents for review and approval so work processes occur on schedule
  • Check documents in and out to ensure work is not interrupted by conflicting content
  • Promote secure sharing of company files and information in an environment that delivers government-level security

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Nuage Collaboration
Nuage Collaboration

Global client base

Contact Information:
Wilma Flanagan, CEO
+1. 805.218.0756
[email protected]

Key Executives:
Wilma Flanagan – Chief Executive Officer
Larry Lombard – Chief Financial Officer
Chris Atkins – EVP, Business & Corporate Development

Nuage Café
Nuage Café is an advanced knowledge and file sharing platform that enables you to securely share and manage your intellectual property. Designed to function like the social media tools we use in our personal lives, Nuage Café fosters the development and seamless collaboration of virtual teams and creates a more natural environment for communication and collaboration. Put an end to messy email file sharing, USB drives and endless document searching and subscribe FREE to Nuage Café.

Nuage CaféBiz
CaféBiz is Nuage’s solution for Social Business Collaboration with integrated document routing. Designed to streamline the document and knowledge sharing process and improve collaborative efforts amongst organizational teams, CaféBiz is the next go-to solution for generating business efficiencies both within organizations and with external business partners.

Nuage for Non-Profits
Nuage is proud to offer a program exclusively for non-profit organizations called Nuage Gives Back.
Nuage Gives Back aims to make Social Business Collaboration solutions accessible to all eligible non-profit organizations and their partners by providing Nuage products at specially discounted pricing. To learn more about the program and to submit an application for your non-profit, please contact us.

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