New technology platform enables insurers to maximise their social media campaigns

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A new technology platform that helps Facebook and Instagram advertisers increase ROI, whether they be media agencies or brands. With an initial focus in the insurance and financial services sector the software that helps create, edit and scale advertising campaigns quickly and cost-effectively has been launched by Filed, a London-based Adtech start-up.

This new software features a machine-learning algorithm, called Dexter, which helps advertisers by recommending the ideal campaign structure to meet their business objectives.

It shows how adverts can best be rotated to appeal to multiple audiences, and can facilitate the testing of different advertising routes, messages, images, and demographics to maximise results, even split-testing landing pages to compare and contrast the best performers.

The service includes an automated budget allocation feature to ‘swap out’ poor performing ad sets and re-allocate accordingly. Dexter automatically identifies which interests, ages, gender, time of day, placements and devices are best converting, and ‘shifts’ budgets to ensure businesses achieve the highest return possible.

Full reporting features enable users to better understand their customers’ key demographics and behaviours, and easy-to-use, customisable and editable dashboards (with hundreds of pre-built templates) allow key performance statistics to be quickly and easily presented.

Founder and CEO Andrew Georgiou says that whether you are looking to launch a small Instagram campaign or high-value Facebook initiative, Dexter provides the tools in a single interface: “What used to take experts hours can now be done in minutes,” he explains.

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“We are the first marketing automation software that is built with marketers in mind. We know how challenging and time consuming it can be to manage several campaigns, build/schedule reporting and optimise for results. That is why we have developed our technology and why we have full service back-up to give businesses the insights, information and tools they need to build successful social media campaigns and continue with the successes we’ve had so far in boosting client return by 70%.”

More than two years in the making, Dexter has been designed by a team of marketeers, data scientists and engineers, making the most of the latest artificial intelligence (AI). It is capable of analysing hundreds of data points to help insurers maximise the return for every investment.

“It is always a challenge to know how your advertising is performing,” Andrew continues. “With Dexter, you have complete visibility and control of your campaign, and can make fast, timely decisions to ensure your campaigns are optimised at all times.”

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