Turning a hobby into a business is, for many people, the dream. Successful social media influencers all began by expressing their interest in social media by blogging and/or creating video content, and have now proved there is serious money to be made from turning a blogging hobby into a business.

Brand experts and influencer marketing agency, Influencer Champions’ have revealed the three ways social media fanatics can make the transition from hobby to career…

  1. Do what you love

Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, once said: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

This is sound career advice and is the starting point for many on their pursuit for a career they love.

When it comes to social media influencers, they often have an abundance of passion for their work, whether it be a blog post dedicated to beauty or YouTube videos on gaming. Thanks to this enjoyment of the job, the quality of the work is high and ultimately engaging, helping them build a vast empire of followers, further enhancing their status and earning power.

  1. Never miss a post

Taking a blog or YouTube channel from hobby to career is about consistency. While building up their profile, influencers must post regularly in order to prove to potential followers that they are reliable. If a viewer knows to expect weekly content, they are more likely to engage with that influencer, if a channel or website is left stagnant, followers will lose interest. Many of today’s most successful influencers are reliable in their content, maintaining their following and reaching out to new audiences all the time.

  1. Build relationships with brands

As an influencer’s following grows, so does their profile, and, this could mean they attract the attention of other influencers and gain media coverage. It is then that the brand opportunities begin.

Opening to the door to brand collaborations is something every influencer needs to do in order to maintain their career. Brand collaborations, campaign work, endorsements and paid posts can be gained by proactively seeking out and approaching brands. Alternatively, a brand may approach the influencer, either way, this is where a career in social media really pays off – literally.

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