Medisico plc (‘Medisico’), the life science, medical device and technology company with a number of subsidiary companies operating in the aesthetics, medical devices, medical treatment, surgical and laser treatment marketplaces announced the appointment of Alistair Stewart to the Board of Directors as a non-executive Director. In addition, Alistair has accepted the offer of Chairman from Medisico. This appointment will be ratified at the meeting of the Board to be held in November.

One of the main initial tasks for Alistair will be to develop the strategy for the next stage of Medisico’s development. He will also be involved with the preparation for the launch of a number of subsidiaries of the Medisico Group, and maintaining the core activities of the group.

Alistair Stewart
Alistair Stewart

“We have now reached the next stage of Medisico’s development, following our listing on GXG earlier this year and having launched and strengthened our 4 current subsidiaries. The board members and I felt it essential that we have a strong chairman with an excellent track record in a variety of markets and geographical locations,” said Stephen Soos, CEO, Medisico. “Medisico plans to launch a range of additional wholly owned subsidiaries in a range of new markets 2015, as well as part-owned subsidiaries in Europe, South Africa, Australasia and the Middle East. Adding Alistair’s international experience in mergers and acquisitions, management, strategic development and marketing to the senior management will be critical to maintain the pace of our success.”

“Medisico’s technology, IP and treatments have huge potential across a wide set of markets. In addition, the company has made huge steps in turning these opportunities into a set of viable and recognized business models,” said Alistair Stewart, Chairman, Medisico. “This is a unique opportunity to use my experience to contribute directly to the success of this fast growing company. I look forward to making contributions to Medisico’s future development.”

Alistair has a variety of commercial experience at the forefront of a wide range of markets. He has acted as a consultant for a number of companies in the telecommunications, media and technology sectors. He has also provided branding and marketing consulting services to FTSE 100 companies and worked with private equity backed businesses to provide an outsourcing service of the strategic, marketing and M&A functions. He currently serves on the board for a number of companies in both the UK and Ireland. He is also a trustee for Basic Needs, an international mental health charity.

Previously, Alistair has lectured MBA students at Manchester Business School on strategy and branding for nearly a decade. He also founded the Information Technology Company (ITP), a magazine publishing and event management company, now based in Dubai, that has become the largest company of its type in the region. In addition, Alistair has worked in advertising across the world, including in Europe, North America, Caribbean, Middle East and South East Asia.

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