Medisico plc (‘Medisico’), the life science, medical device and technology company with a number of subsidiary companies operating in the aesthetics, medical devices, medical treatment, surgical and laser treatment marketplaces, announces that Medisico will list on the GXG First Quote Market. The listing will be effective today, August 19.

The GXG First Quote Market is set up for smaller companies to benefit from a market quote and provides the opportunity for compliance with rules and regulations of the public marketplace. Medisico will benefit from having its share price and company information displayed on the GXG Markets website where appropriate, and will have their share price and charting shown on Bloomberg’s terminals, website and smartphone investor apps. Medisico will also benefit from having its regulatory news and trading updates placed to both the market and secondary information providers that include Thomson Reuters.

“Our investor base has widened considerably from a group of investors from our start-up phase, where personal contacts have contributed nearly £0.5 million to our initial capital base. The GXG First Quote listing is the next stage of our programme to grow Medisico into the most significant organisation in its operating environment. This listing is essential for Medisico’s expansion plans and the launch of our subsidiary companies,” said Stephen Soos, CEO, Medisico. “Combining our technology, intellectual property management, dedication and skill has provided the company with a great set of opportunities to expand into a variety of markets.”