List of Stock Exchanges in Europe

1 Eurex (derivatives exchange, jointly operated by Deutsche Börse AG and SWX Swiss Exchange)
2 European Energy Exchange (EEX)
3 ICE Futures Europe
5 Newex (trading segment for central and eastern European securities on the Regulated Unofficial Market of Frankfurt Stock Exchange)
6 NYSE Euronext (pan-European stock exchange with subsidiaries in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal and the UK; include the New York Stock Exchange, Euronext, Liffe, and NYSE Arca Options)
7 OMX Nordic Exchange (part of NASDAQ OMX Group, serves as a central gateway to the Nordic and Baltic financial markets)
8 Albania Bursa e Tiranes (Tirana Stock Exchange)
9 Armenia Armenian Stock Exchange (Armex)
10 Austria Wiener Börse (Vienna Stock Exchange)
11 Belarus Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange
12 Belgium Euronext Brussels
13 Bosnia and Herzegovina Banja Luka Stock Exchange
14 Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Stock Exchange (SASE)
15 Bulgaria Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE)
16 Bulgaria Sofia Commodity Exchange (SCE)
17 Croatia Zagrebacka Burza (Zagreb Stock Exchange)
18 Cyprus Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE)
19 Czech Republic Prague Stock Exchange
20 Czech Republic RM-SYSTEM (Czech Securities Exchange)
21 Denmark OMX Copenhagen
22 Estonia Tallinn Stock Exchange (division of OMX Nordic Exchange)
23 Finland OMX Helsinki
24 France Euronext Paris
25 Georgia Georgian Stock Exchange (GSE)
26 Germany Börsen AG (consolidates Hamburg and Hannover Stock Exchanges)
27 Germany Börse Berlin Equiduct Trading (owner Berlin Stock Exchange)
28 Germany Börse Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf Exchange)
29 Germany Börse München (Munich Exchange)
30 Germany Boerse Stuttgart (Stuttgart Exchange)
31 Germany Bremer Baumwollbörse (Bremen Cotton Exchange)
32 Germany Deutsche Börse (incorporates Frankfurt Stock Exchange)
33 Germany European Energy Exchange (EEX)
34 Germany Hamburger Börse (Hamburg Exchange)
35 Germany RMX Risk Management Exchange
36 Greece Athens Exchange (ATHEX)
37 Greece Hellenic Exchanges Group (HELEX – EXAE)
38 Hungary Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)
39 Iceland Iceland Stock Exchange (ICEX, owner OMX Nordic Exchange)
40 Ireland Irish Stock Exchange
41 Italy Borsa Italiana (Italian Stock Exchange, acquired by the London Stock Exchange)
42 Latvia Riga Stock Exchange (division of OMX Nordic Exchange)
43 Lithuania Vilnius Stock Exchange (division of OMX Nordic Exchange)
44 Luxembourg Luxembourg Stock Exchange
45 Macedonia Macedonian Stock Exchange
46 Malta Malta Stock Exchange
47 Moldova Moldova Stock Exchange
48 The Netherlands Euronext Amsterdam
49 Norway Oslo Stock Exchange
50 Poland MTS-CeTO
51 Poland Warsaw Commodity Exchange (WGT)
52 Poland Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE)
53 Portugal Euronext Lisbon
54 Romania Bursa Romana de Marfuri
55 Romania Sibex
56 Romania Bursa Moldovei Iasi
57 Romania Bucharest Stock Exchange
58 Russia Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX)
59 Russia Moscow Stock Exchange
60 Russia Russian Trading System Stock Exchange (RTS)
61 Russia Samara Currency Interbank Exchange
62 Russia St. Petersburg Currency Exchange (SPCEX)
63 Russia St. Petersburg Stock Exchange
64 Russia Siberian Interbank Currency Exchange
65 Russia Ural Regional Currency Exchange
66 Serbia Belgrade Stock Exchange
67 Serbia Produktna Berze Novi Sad
68 Slovak Republic Burza Cenných Papierov v Bratislave
69 Slovenia Ljubljanska Borza (Ljubljana Stock Exchange)
70 Spain Bolsas y Mercados Espanoles (BME)
71 Sweden OMX Stockholm
72 Switzerland Swiss Exchange (SWX)
73 Turkey Ankara Ticaret Borsasi
74 Turkey Istanbul Ticaret Borsasi (Istanbul Commodity Exchange)
75 Turkey Istanbul Gold Exchange
76 Turkey Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE)
77 Turkey Izmir Mercantile Exchange (IME)
78 Turkey Polatli Grain Exchange
79 Ukraine PFTS Stock Exchange
80 Ukraine Ukrainian Agrarian Mercantile Exchange
81 Ukraine Ukrainian Stock Exchange
82 United Kingdom Baltic Exchange
83 United Kingdom Euronext – Liffe
84 United Kingdom LCH.Clearnet
85 United Kingdom London Metal Exchange
86 United Kingdom London Stock Exchange
87 United Kingdom PLUS (equity stock exchange)
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