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List of Countries in Oceania


1 Melanesia, Oceania Papua New Guinea
2 Melanesia, Oceania Fiji
3 Melanesia, Oceania New Caledonia
4 Melanesia, Oceania Solomon Islands
5 Melanesia, Oceania Vanuatu
6 Micronesia, Oceania Guam
7 Micronesia, Oceania Kiribati
8 Micronesia, Oceania Marshall Islands
9 Micronesia, Oceania Micronesia, Federal States of
10 Micronesia, Oceania Nauru
11 Micronesia, Oceania Northern Mariana Islands
12 Micronesia, Oceania Palau
13 Oceania/ America Trinidad and Tobago
14 Oceania/Australia Tokelau
15 Oceania; Australia New Zealand
16 Polynesia, Oceania American Samoa
17 Polynesia, Oceania Cook Islands
18 Polynesia, Oceania French Polynesia
19 Polynesia, Oceania Niue
20 Polynesia, Oceania Pitcairn Island
21 Polynesia, Oceania Samoa
22 Polynesia, Oceania Tonga
23 Polynesia, Oceania Tuvalu
24 Polynesia, Oceania Wallis and Futuna Islands

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