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:List of Countries in Asia

1 Central Asia Kazakhstan
2 Central Asia Kyrgyzstan
3 Central Asia Tajikistan
4 Central Asia Turkmenistan
5 Central Asia Uzbekistan
6 Eastern Asia China
7 Eastern Asia Hong Kong
8 Eastern Asia Japan
9 Eastern Asia Korea, Democratic People’s Rep. (North Korea)
10 Eastern Asia Korea, Republic of (South Korea)
11 Eastern Asia Macau
12 Eastern Asia Mongolia
13 Eastern Asia Taiwan (Republic of China)
14 South-Central Asia Afghanistan
15 South-Central Asia Bangladesh
16 South-Central Asia Bhutan
17 South-Central Asia India
18 South-Central Asia Iran (Islamic Republic of)
19 South-Central Asia Maldives
20 South-Central Asia Nepal
21 South-Central Asia Pakistan
22 South-Central Asia Sri Lanka
23 South-Central Asia Tibet
24 Southeast Asia Indonesia
25 Southeast Asia Timor-Leste (East Timor)
26 Southeast Asia Brunei Darussalam
27 Southeast Asia Christmas Island
28 Southeast Asia Malaysia
29 Southeast Asia Myanmar, Burma
30 Southeast Asia Philippines
31 Southeast Asia Singapore
32 South-East Asia Cambodia
33 South-East Asia East Timor (Timor-Leste)
34 South-East Asia Lao, People’s Democratic Republic
35 South-East Asia Thailand
36 South-East Asia Vietnam
37 South-East Asia Cocos (Keeling) Islands
38 Western Asia Turkey
39 Western Asia Cyprus
40 Western Asia Armenia
41 Western Asia Azerbaijan
42 Western Asia Georgia

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