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Learn About Graphic Design Schools

A discipline of fine arts, graphic art includes a wide range of visual artistic expression, usually two-dimensional, which includes drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, collage, and sculpture. These mediums often cross cultural, historical, and social divides. This art form is characterized by its use of primary colors and shapes to produce aesthetic affect. Many objects of daily use can be used as subject matter. Examples include business logos, household items, and fashion accessories.

Environmental graphic design is concerned with designing for the environment. Graphic art has grown in significance in recent decades, with artists critiquing conventional forms of art. With industrial designers coming out of the closet about the importance of sustainable design, environmental graphic design is enjoying a revival. The term refers to any type of environmental design. Many designers use this overlapping discipline to explore social issues including poverty, inequality, and politics.

A graphic designer can be a graphic artist, an illustrator, a painter, or a photographer. Most graphic artists have formal training in one or more of these areas. The most popular sub-groups are a cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic writer. Other specialized areas are web designer, print designer, motion graphic artist, graphic designer, graphic novelist, and visual artist.

Motion graphics refer to those who create images using computer software such as AutoCAD, Photoshop, or Illustrator. Motion graphics artists create photo-realistic images for film and television. There are many places on the Internet that offer motion graphics examples. Many talented motion graphic artists work from home as well.

A graphic designer can specialize in a particular field of fine arts. Illustrators focus on drawing images while graphic artists focus on paintings, photography, and sculpture. There are graphic artists who only work with the fine arts while others specialize only in photography. In general, a graphic artist will have a formal education that includes learning about composition, drawing, color, and shape. These skills are further developed through the use of specific software.

There are four main areas of graphic design. These include single image, multiple images, posters, and catalogs. Each area has its own specific type of clients and designers work. Some types of designers work as freelancers, while others work for established companies as artists or staff. There are also private individuals who offer their graphic design services to specific industry verticals.

Visual identity graphic design is a highly specific type of graphic design where the graphic designers create the visual identity of what the client wants to achieve. This may be a logo, advertising, or other visual representation. The visual identity designers must be able to effectively convey their message to the client. Once the visual identity is created, the designer must then create the content that goes along with the visual identity.

Once the content is developed, the graphic designers must continue to refine and edit it until it meets the client's specifications. Many times the client will go back and request changes if the original concept was not what they wanted. With the ever changing technology that is available to graphic designers, more opportunities are becoming available. For more information on this industry you can check out Graphic Designers Anonymous.

Motion Graphics is one specific type of graphic design designers are involved with. Motion graphic designers design images that help people understand motion through images such as diagrams and video. This requires the designers to have great technical skills, creative and artistic abilities, as well as a versatile knowledge of how to use various image software programs.

Many design schools offer classes specific to industrial design. These courses are geared towards creating motion graphics, graphic design, and environmental graphic designs. These specialized programs are extremely helpful for designers who want to expand their knowledge while developing their skills as professionals. These specific types of programs are very beneficial for designers in the real world because they teach specific type techniques that are required in the workplace.

Graphic designers must have exceptional skills when it comes to math, science, and art. These skills must be combined in order to create quality work and enhance their creativity. Many industrial designers and graphic designers begin their careers as art majors at colleges or universities. However, most graphic designers continue on to have a career in the industry after graduating. These designers must continue to learn new techniques, learn about new technology, and continue to improve their skills in order to maintain a successful career in the graphic arts.

There are many different design schools to choose from. Students should research the best design schools in the area they wish to pursue a graphic design degree. Each design school will offer different techniques, specialties, and different awards and recognition based on the design techniques each school uses. These design schools will give students the skills they need to become professional in the graphic arts.

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