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It’s Never too Late to Invest – Three Ways Digital Marketing is Worth It for Law Firms



It’s Never too Late to Invest – Three Ways Digital Marketing is Worth It for Law Firms 1

By David Brenton, President of BluShark Digitial.

With so many options, it can be difficult to narrow down where to start with digital marketing as a law firm. However, beginning with technology, content, and link building can be a great place to start. By treating digital marketing as an investment, a law practice could ensure that their actions now have lasting impact on their future success.

For some, beginning their digital marketing can feel like jumping into the deep end of an unknown pool.

With many outlets for expanding a firms reach, such as targeted advertisements, search engine optimization (SEO), and keyword rankings, it can feel daunting to start. For those looking to improve their online presence, it can also feel overwhelming to do so in such an unknown landscape overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, despite all of the obstacles that could appear to be in the way of a company’s marketing success, there is no better time to start marketing than the present. One of the most common ways to look at marketing is to view it as an investment. Putting time, money, and energy into an online presence now can lead to successful gains in the future.

It is no different in the legal sphere. Utilizing marketing in a law firm can be the difference between a client trusting one law firm or another. So much of human trust comes from repetitive recognition, something that digital marketing builds upon with specific online strategies.

Below are three ways a law firm could capitalize on digital marketing in their legal practice to invest in their success now.


This feels a bit redundant, that technology is a major part of digital marketing, but it’s true. There is much that goes into an online presence and branding for a law firm, and the importance of the technological side cannot be overstated in a marketing campaign.

Things like URL structure, site speed, and user experience (UX) are immensely important to not only the success of your website but how online algorithms, like Google, will judge and rank your website. For a law firm to succeed within their digital marketing, they need to view things like their users or potential clients would.

Technology also encompasses more advanced digital marketing components like targeted advertisements. This can cost much more than a website redesign, so it is usually reserved for law firms that have a clear idea of where they want their digital marketing to take them.

These components can not only establish your website’s authority online, but it can give a potential client the idea that the firm is knowledgeable and experienced, particularly with the need for online communications with COVID-19.


Another great step to include into your digital marketing strategy involves original and informative content. Much of what users search for when it comes to law is information-based, such as what the laws are and what compensation they could claim after a personal injury.

Filling a law firm’s website with content that answers common questions could not only help a firm’s website improve in search ranking in search engines like Google, but it could also help a firm draw users who could then become clients.

It’s important to only utilize original content within your content build-outs, for plagiarized or duplicate content may seriously injure a firm’s online credibility. Instead, creating pages on common topic areas to a law practice, with some contemporary blog posts or FAQ sections can help a website prove it’s worth.

David Brenton,

David Brenton,

Link Building

The more a law firm’s website or name is mentioned on the internet, the more authority the site is given. This is because the advanced algorithms that search engines like Google use crawl the millions of pages on the internet to see what is being talked about and who is mentioned.

If a law firm has its website mentioned in authoritative sites repeatedly, Google then makes the connection that that law firm is also authoritative. However, getting these links requires commitment and effort.

Link building can take many forms, but some of the easiest ways to start comes with community outreach projects. If a firm sponsors a marathon or hosts a community dinner, they can garner authentic reviews on local websites to boost their online authority.

This is one of the biggest investments within digital marketing. Building the number of websites that link back to a law firm’s website can take a lot of effort. However, the more resources devoted to this aspect in a digital marketing strategy, the better off a law firm could be in their future.

Treat Digital Marketing Like an Investment

Digital marketing is an investment. Some things can be bought, like targeted ads, while other things take genuine time to work on, like link building. While it may feel like it’s impossible to start, there is never a bad time to begin a digital marketing strategy.

The sooner, the better, obviously, but it may take time for a law practice to understand what they want and where they want to be. Once they understand this, then the fun can begin in drafting a customized digital marketing plan that could involve much more than the three listed components above.

Whether a firm wants to improve their overall brand, or if they want to reach specific benchmarks, digital marketing can be an essential tool in any blossoming law firms toolbox to reach potential clients with targeted messaging related to their business.

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