Is winter a good time to switch current accounts?

At the start of a new year, many of us think about getting ourselves into better physical shape, but what about our finances? In fact, it’s around now that you might want to switch bank accounts to one that not only takes care of your money, but comes with other useful benefits that could save you money, especially during the colder months.

The start of the new year is also an ideal time to examine how you’ve been using your current account over the last twelve months. You’ll get a clearer picture of when your biggest expenses occur. If there are any monthly savings you could make. And whether opening a new bank account might make it easier to stick to a healthier household budget in the future.

Open a harder working bank account
Winter is also when things are more likely to go wrong with our home and car. From freezing weather risking burst pipes, to being stranded out in the cold with an engine that won’t start. This is a where a packaged account could come to the rescue with features such as home emergency cover and car breakdown cover. The way these accounts work is that, for a monthly fee you get the standard features you expect from a bank account, plus a package of extra benefits.

So what kinds of extra benefits does a packaged account give you? It depends on the bank. But popular features to look out for are car breakdown cover and home emergency cover. Benefits are usually provided from reputable third parties.

Enjoy all-round protection, at home and on the move
Protecting your family home from damage will probably be front of mind when it’s cold and wet outside. A packaged account can help make this easier as it includes many benefits all under one roof.

And when you do venture out on to the roads, breakdown cover could cover you as a driver or a passenger in any eligible vehicle if you breakdown at home or on the roadside.

Of course, you might decide to escape from the cold altogether – perhaps with a romantic Valentine’s city break or short half term holiday somewhere warm and sunny? In which case, check to see whether your packaged account includes travel insurance – for even more peace of mind this winter. Some may even give you multi-trip or family travel insurance.

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