IFC Markets is proud to announce the release of a new feature, giving an opportunity to clients to easily see trading hours of any trading instruments without any calculation. Clients will not have to any longer calculate the time zone differences to know the trading hour of a certain financial instrument, but will get the information automatically in a few seconds.

IFC Markets is proud to introduce a new feature allowing clients to see trading hours for each instrument without any calculation and comparison of time zones. This is quite simple and yet, very important feature for traders: instead of calculations, that may confuse many traders, everything is done automatically. The idea of providing automatic calculation of trading hours, based on location, has become important due to the fact that IFC Markets provides large number of trading instruments, the trading hours of which differ a lot.

Note that IFC Markets offers its clients such trading instruments, as Currency pairs, CFDs on Indices, Commodities and Stocks, Precious metals, Gold instruments and Personal Composite Instruments (PCI). The only instruments, dealing with which clients do not face difficulties, are currency pairs which are traded 24 hours a day, except for weekends.

It is very simple to use this feature: a client just needs to choose the time zone and select the preferred day, after which the page will be updated with new trading hours for that specific time zone. Thus, clients will not have to make calculations for finding out trading hours of a certain trading instrument, as this already can be done automatically.

To summarize, the company pays close attention to clients’ requirements. That is why, taking into consideration the fact that traders need to manually calculate trading hours for each instrument, IFC Markets has decided to present automatic method for calculation, saving clients’ time and efforts.

About IFC Markets:

IFC Markets is a leading innovative financial company, providing private and corporate investors with various trading and analytical tools. The company provides its clients with Forex and CFD trading through its own-generated trading platform NetTradeX, which is available on PC, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. The platform is available in 15 languages. The company also offers MT4 platform available on PC, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Smartphone. The main priority of the company is to provide highly competitive services, traditional and totally innovative trading and analytical solutions. Today IFC Markets is one of the best global CFD brokers in the market, supporting traders in multiple languages. http://www.ifcmarkets.com

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