How to start selling on eBay

Selling on eBay and doing it successfully is not rocket science, and importantly you do not have to get bogged down in tons of details if you follow the process listed below. Once you have an eBay account up and running, you can start listing and selling items that belong to you. With the options available on the online shopping website ranging from auctions, to selling from one person to another directly. Below we look at the salient points that you should be aware of when you start selling on the e-commerce site, and why many prefer it.

Setup an eBay account

The first step to selling on eBay is setting up a personal account if you intend to sell second hand items. While a business account is ideal if you want to resell items such as clothing. Using your Facebook or Google account during the setup is ideal as it shortens the process, but you have to ensure that your account has a catchy username which attracts attention. Whether you are setting up a personal or business account you need to confirm the email address that you used. You can set up a second account with a different email address if required.

Make your listing with tools or Shopify

Once your account on eBay is active you can create listings for products that you want to sell. To ensure that your account and products get the most attention you can use tools such as Quick listing and Advanced listing that eBay has. You can also opt to use the Shopify store to add new products, and once this is synced with the eBay sales channel the listings are automatically created. The e-commerce site also has a Hub for sellers, which allows you to easily manage the selling tools that you use.

Choose a pricing strategy

Compared to other e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay prices can vary dramatically. The reason for this extreme variance is that an eBay seller can price an item higher if it is not available anywhere else. Additionally eBay is famous for its auctions in which vintage baseball cards and other collectibles such as comics fetch millions of dollars. So you can choose to tag an item with a fixed price, or create a listing with the auction option.

Choosing a payment method

When you set up an account on eBay and use it for selling you will have to pay a certain amount of seller fees. You pay fees using several options including PayPal, credit card or check.

Setting up shipping and getting paid for items sold

There are several tools which eBay provides to help sellers set up shipping options. Among these options is one which allows buyers to pick up the item in person if you live in the city. There is also a drop shipping option and buyers can also calculate the shipping costs. Buyers can also opt to pay for items via PayPal, credit/debit card or when they pick the item up.

Getting feedback from buyers and effectively managing and dealing with complaints is step that no eBay seller can ignore. Also it is recommended that sellers set up and adopt a process to deal with items that are returned by customers or those that go missing, and also provide refunds as per eBay rules and policies when needed.

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