How to start a vlog

You will have surely visited blogs online, particularly of celebrities. Blogs are websites having informational and interesting content that is posted regularly. A vlog is a video blog. While blogs use text to communicate with readers, vlogs use video to achieve the same purpose. You can share content with the rest of the world by creating a video and sharing your content. These vlogs can be created daily/regularly. You can use YouTube or any other video platform to create your vlog.

Starting a vlog can help you get followers who are interested in the video content that you post. You can also make money through advertisements and other means once your vlog becomes popular. Here’s how you can start a vlog:

  1. Decide what you want to ‘vlog’ about

A vlog needs to have content that people are interested in. The top earners from vlogging on YouTube make millions by posting videos about game reviews, music, comedy, entertainment, etc. You need to decide what video content you want to create. It should be in an area that you are familiar with and should be something that people are interested in. You can research successful vlogs on various video channels before deciding the genre of your vlog. It is not necessary to vlog on a particular subject. You can vlog on different subjects. There are successful vloggers who just talk about their life and what they do daily. It all depends on your ability to attract viewers and hold their interest.

  1. Create a vlog account

If you are using YouTube to vlog, create an account first so that you can start posting videos. You can even link the YouTube videos to your existing blog to help you reach out to those who already follow your blog. YouTube is not the only vlogging platform. You can create videos on Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and Daily motion.

  1. Decide the style of your video

A vlog can be made in different styles. You can use a casual, conversational style while talking. You can even use a formal style if you are presenting on technical topics or if your audience comprises people who prefer formal content. You can shoot the video formally while sitting in front of a table or shoot outdoors. It all depends on what you want to convey to your viewers.

  1. Get the resources you need

To create a vlog, you need video recording equipment. You can do it with a mobile camera or use a good quality video camera. You can use editing software to make the video look professional. Depending on your budget, you can plan and get the resources you need.

  1. Create your first vlog

The first vlog is very important. You need to give your best and select the topic that you feel will get maximum views. Record the video, edit it, review it, and make changes if required. A perfect first video will help you win over visitors. Once you attract visitors to your vlog, they may subscribe to your channel and keep visiting frequently.

  1. Promote the vlog

You need to promote your vlog so that it attracts viewers. Promote it to your own friends and acquaintances. Use the powerful reach of social media. The more people who see your vlog, the higher the chances of becoming successful.

All the best for creating your vlog and achieving success!

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