How to Screenshot Mac?

Here we are going to know how to take a screenshot on Mac.

Capturing entire Screen

  1. Click on the button of Capture Entire Screen from onscreen controls. The pointer of yours will get changed to the camera
  2. To Capture, you can click on any part of the screen, you can also tap on Capture present in onscreen controls
  3. Make use of thumbnail, in order to save, share, markup or to take actions related to it

Capturing the Window

  1. Tap on the button of Capture Selected Window present in onscreen controls. The pointer here will get changed to the camera
  2. Tap on the window in order to get that window captured
  3. In order to get the shadow of the window deleted from screenshot, press and then hold the Option key and then click simultaneously
  4. Make use of thumbnail, in order to save, markup or share or to take any other action

Capturing the screen’s selected Portion

  1. Click on the button of Capture Selected Portion, present in onscreen controls
  2. Now, drag the cursor and select the portion of the screen that you want to capture. In order to get the entire selection moved, drag within the selected portion
  3. Tap on Capture present in onscreen controls
  4. Make use of thumbnail in order to share, mark-up, save or to take some other actions that are required

Capturing the menu

  1. Click on the menu, in order to look at its content
  2. After that, press Shift-Command-5, as you are able to see the menu
  3. Then get the menu captured, by following those steps that are there to get the entire screen captured, capture the window (where the menu is considered as the window), or get the selected screen portion captured

Marking up, Save and Share

After the screenshot is taken, you will be able to see the thumbnail of that screenshot, appeared for a short time on screen’s lower right corner.

  • There is no need to take an action or to swipe thumbnail towards the right, screenshot will get saved automatically
  • Tap on the thumbnail, in order to get the screenshot. Later, it could easily be edited through markup tools present in the toolbar.
  • Thumbnail could be dragged, if you want to get the screenshot moved to some other location, for example to the document, Finder window, Trash or to an email
  • Control-click in order to get more options for the thumbnail. For example: save location can be changed by you, get the screenshot opened in an app, or get the screenshot deleted without even saving it

Changing the Settings

Click on the Options present in onscreen controls, in order to make changes in settings.

Save to: Select where the screenshots will get saved automatically, for example, Clipboard, Documents or Desktop.

Timer: Select when do you want the screenshot to be taken whether, in 10 seconds, 5 seconds or immediately, after capture is clicked by you.

Showing the Floating Thumbnail: Select whether you wanted to show thumbnail or not.

Remembering the Last Selection: Define whether to keep the default selections or not that was made by you when the tool was last used.

Showing the Mouse Pointer: Select whether you want to show the mouse pointer in the screenshot or not.