How To Prepare Your Child For College Life And Beyond

Parents often begin to prepare for sending a child to college very early by depositing a specific amount of money into their college savings account. Every decision they make from choosing a preschool to high school is to ensure that they get into a good college and come out tops. However, the fact is that half of the students who begin their college journey do not complete it. It is thus essential for parents to prepare the child academically, socially and emotionally so that they succeed.

Parents guide to college planning:

A parent’s involvement in preparing the child for college depends on the child’s individual needs.

However, an active role by parents is a big boost. It can be emotional support as planning for college is difficult. Practical support through research of colleges based on the student’s interest, logistical assistance like transport, finance, etc. can help immense. Parents should encourage their child to visit campuses, talk to peers about college and nurture dreams of their successful future so that they are ready to face reality. Parents are the child’s greatest cheerleaders as well as thoughtful critics both of which are critical for a child’s growth. It helps to manage the stress of planning and preparing for college.

How to emotionally prepare your child for college


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The transition to college be it mentally or emotionally is tough for not just the students but also their parents. College students have to deal with a myriad of emotions like fear, loneliness, disappointment, frustration, etc. for which they are not prepared. To top it, most students have to leave home which is stressful. It is essential that you help your teen get equipped with solving problems before he\she is sent off on her own. Coping skills to manage emotions should be given a thought much early in their lives. Hobbies, exercise or calling a loved one can help manage emotions better.

Tips and Tricks to prepare for sending a child to college

Consider the following as you prepare your child for college life and beyond.

  • Save: Set aside money for children’s education. Many investments vehicles enable you to pay your child’s college fees.
  • Focus on the emotional and social aspects: When children are unable to navigate the social and emotional aspects of a school, their academic performance deteriorates. Be proactive and help your child deal with such issues, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help if necessary.
  • Help in studies: Ask for help from teachers or tutors if the child needs help in any of the subjects in school. That will ensure their grades don’t fall.
  • Enroll in courses: Enroll your child in college courses while they are in school, as this will reduce the load as a freshman. Ensure that the college your child is interested and accepts the coursework.

Parents play a significant role in the whole process of preparation for sending a child off to college. They help make the decisions, provide financial support if required, offer encouragement, support emotionally and provide practical assistance. It will help if your child becomes aware that preparing for college involves a lot of investment – both time and energy.