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How to invest $100 regularly and make it a fortune?



How to invest $100 regularly and make it a fortune

Don't let your money sit, let it work for you. I know I sound bit weird, but you can put your money to work. No! you do not need the fortune to invest in, just $100 is all that is required. Though investing an amount may appear bit difficult in starting but once you get a hold on the things, it will become easy eventually. Investing is all about making a choice, you can invest $100 and can earn thousands in future or you can just spend this amount on a dinner.

High interest on credit cards, may not allow you to go for investments. So, if you have money, try to get rid of the debt first. Once you are done with that then move your focus towards the investment.

Let's have a look on the ways you can turn $100 into a lifetime asset:


We understand that with $100 for investment, affording a broker fee is not an easy job. In this case you can go for the robo-advisor. Get the risk tolerance and your goals entered correctly in your computer and let the robo-advisor come up with the suitable solution. It will select the investment, based upon the input you have provided.

Saving Account

Saving accounts may appear to be the boring investment but believe me they are completely safe. You don't have to leave the money here for long period, just save it here till the amount become enough to put it into the other investments that are high yielding.

Lending Club

This could be another great option to make the investment in. Lending Club is basically a peer-to-peer lending, where borrowing and lending takes place between the ordinary folks. This is one of the largest online market in the world, that connects the investors and borrowers.

Dividend Stocks

Companies that are stable and doing well in the market on regular basis, may offer the dividends to the stockholders. If you are buying just one stock and it is the dividend stock, then you can easily re-invest in dividends and can also buy some more stocks. By doing this you are increasing your portfolio and your bank account is also not getting depleted. Hence, making it the great investment option.

Short-term cash Investments

CDs and money market provides the protection of your cash against the market risk and also keeping it safe, so that you do not spend it. Your funds are tied up here for a specific period, it could be for years of weeks. The return will be larger if the committed duration of the money is longer.

Emergency Funds

$100 could be best invested in emergency funds. Though emergency funds don't actually count to be an investment, but it could prove to be of great help when some surprise expenses occur. It is recommended to have the emergency funds for three to six months of the living expense of a person. This money could prove to be a boon, in case you don't have anything saved for the emergency.

Investing in Yourself

This is the best form of investment. You can spend the money to learn some specific skills, you can join the creative classes or can take admission in a course. By doing this, you will ultimately become eligible for various jobs, improving your power of earning. In this way the small amount of $100 could easily be turn up into the larger and lifetime investment.

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