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How to end an email?

How to end an email

These days, email has become the prominent way of communication, especially when it comes to official communication. While writing an email, it is very important to keep in mind that how you are going to end it. Closing an email includes, email signature and a good closing along with the contact information of yours.

Important things that you should keep in mind while closing an email:

Include the Closing

Leaving the mail without giving it a proper closing is highly unprofessional, make sure that your email has a good closing and not the abrupt ending. Closing should be added to your email, whether you have added email signature or not.

Unprofessional Closings should be Avoided

Email should never end in an unprofessional way, no matter you are writing it to your boss or a friend. Avoid using the ending such as XOXO, See ya later and smileys etc.

Keep the Relationship of the Recipient in Mind

Make sure that the emails that are related with the job search should have professional endings. When it comes to the person you are friend with then you can end your email in semi-professional way, for example, Yours truly and Cheers. If in case you have any doubt, then do not take a chance and opt the professional ending.

Use Full Name of Yours

Do not use your nickname or just the first name, until and unless the email you are addressing to is your colleague or your close friend. Otherwise, always write the full name, so that you do not trigger any kind of confusion in the mind of the reader.

What should be included in Email Closing

Email closing has various parts, such as:

Should have Closing Remark

Make sure that professional closing is chosen for an email, if the mail is drafted for a professional purpose. Semi-professional format can be used if the email is for a colleague or friend.

Complete Name

Do not forget to write your complete name, which means your first name as well as your last name. As it will avoid any type on confusion in communication.

Email should have Digital Signature

If you have created the digital signature of yours then make sure that you have included, it in closing remark.

Company as well as Title

Add the company name you are currently working in as well as the title you own, especially if communication you are about to start is for someone who doesn’t belongs to your company.

Correct Contact Information

Adding the contact information at the end of email proves to be very useful. Your address as well your phone number can also be included in an email.

Formatting of Email Closing

Formatting the closing email is of vital importance. Points that should be considered are:

  1. Make sure that you have added a comma, after adding the closing remark.
  2. Then get the space included, if digital signature of yours is created then get that included in the space.
  3. If you have not created the digital signature, then leave that space blank
  4. After space, add your full name
  5. Below that, add the name of the company, your title and the contact information, you want to include.
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