How to be a millionaire: 5 strategies followed by the millionaires?

 Living in a mansion on Beverly Hills and riding cars worth more than someone’s house is one luxurious way of spending a life. We all wonder what is it to be a millionaire and How easy their life is. Well all millionaires have once thought the same and worked hard to be on the other side of the bridge. The only difference between a thinker and a millionaire is that a millionaire never puts time into thinking but planning strategically.

A millionaire never thinks about petty problems but constantly focuses on the bigger picture. There is a drive not to earn but to make money. Millionaires as misunderstood by underachievers as the highest earners who actually are the creators.

They create money and wealth. Being a millionaire is one way to discipline and goodbye to super comfort of all that comes with the money. There are many luxuries which become integrated part of their lives but to remain a millionaire there are some tried and tested formulas which every millionaire follows.

  1. Invest

To invest wisely is to paint a picture of future millionaire. It multiplies your wealth over time. Investment may not give an instant result but patience is the key.  To hope for a quick result is a sign of impatience which should not be an attribute to to-be-millionaire.  A millionaire on his way only sees a bigger picture and fills that picture with proper strategy and hard work.

  1. Skill development

There is no replacement for one’s learning. Our own experience and knowledge is our guardian angel. In the process of being a millionaire two-folds of efforts are required, a constant update on the future as well as regular efforts on present skills.

  1. Spending less than the earnings

Savings might sound like a middle-class goal at the end of the day but it is our allocation of that money which keeps us moving towards the goal of being a millionaire. Spending less than the earnings we bring in an effective and dual way. it teaches a person to settle for less and motivates them to work even harder. And we can always use the rest of the money for investment and growth.

  1. A source of income

Whether it is to be born with a silver spoon or achieving a dream job both have their own odds. Till you are born into the riches you need a source of income to pay off your bills. But would that job be sufficient for investment and strategic planning? No!  There is always a room for extra income on your way to be a millionaire. Several jobs require investments if not of money then skills and time.

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  1. A goodbye to comfort

This is the key factor where some people leave us behind in the race to earn in millions. They put their comfort aside for a moment. To be able to create the money we should be willing to let our comforts go and struggle to reach higher.

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