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How Does Social Security Spousal Benefits Work?

How Does Social Security Spousal Benefits Work?

Social Security Spousal Benefits are the privileges that a worker’s current of former spouse enjoys when they file for Social Security. This benefit depends on different circumstances which are explained in details in this article.

A current or ex-spouse of a retired worker is eligible to get up to fifty percent of the total amount of the social security as specified in the Social Security survivor benefits. The person should be sixty-two years of age to enjoy the security benefit provided the spouse has registered for the retirement plan.

Some of the frequently asked Social security questions:

  • How can I apply to receive Social Security Spousal benefits?

One can easily apply to receive the extra income through the Social Security Spousal Benefit Plan by applying online at their website or walk in at the nearby local Social Security benefit Office and duly fill up the form as per required procedures.

  • What is the eligibility criteria to get the benefits of an ex-spouse?

An ex-spouse would be eligible to get the security benefit if their marriage before separation had lasted for 10 years or more and did not remarry before reaching the age of sixty years.

  • How much social security will I get as security benefit?

Social Security Spousal Benefits can be an important source of income in the old age. Therefore, it becomes imperative to gauge the exact security benefits that one is entitled to receive. In case both the husband and wife have retirement benefit plans, then the higher amount between the two is paid to the recipients as laid down in the Social Security survivor benefits plan.

In case the eligibility exists for the spousal benefit then one can get as much as 50 percent of the higher earning spouses full retirement age benefits. For instance, if your spouse’s full retirement age benefit amounts to $10,000 per month, the spousal benefit could be as high as $5,000. The important observation here is that the maximum limit that the spousal benefit can be as high as 50% of the higher-earning spouse’s full retirement benefit, however it can always be less depending on your filing age for availing this benefit. In case you file for the benefit once you attain your full retirement age then you are eligible for 50 percent. The percentage will get lower, the earlier you file for the benefit.

  • What are the Social Security survivor benefits for a living spouse?

The survivor of a deceased spouse is entitled to receive the amount of the Social Security survivor benefits provided they have been married for at least nine months or they have a child in order for the survivor to receive the security benefit amount.

As per the official Government website,, the amount that a spouse will receive is dependent upon various factors such as the time frame in which they receive the amount or their own personal pension amounts.

  • For instance, if the spouse applies for the security benefit after they turn 62 years of age and prior to their full retirement, then the amount will be reduced based on the number of years left for retirement.
  • After reaching the complete age of retirement, one can only get less than one half of the total value of the retirement of their spouse.
  • In case a person is employed in a Government job, then their entitlement on the Social Security Spousal Benefits is affected and reduced. However, the other spouse’s retirement amount will remain the same, irrespective of their respective partner’s job.
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