How can Larson&Holz IT Ltd increase an investors’ prospects in financial market?

Larson & Holz It ltd is an experienced investment firm/ brokerage which deals in both offline and online spheres with a proven record of providing high level services not only on the financial markets, but also as creator of number of the educational and dealing centers in Russia and CIS. The unique services of Larson&Holz It Ltd are well-known in Russian and all over the world. From 2004 the company offers trading on Forex, CFD and commodities. In 2012 Larson&Holz was announced as the best broker in Russia and CIS. It holds a special position as it has already acquired the global international license FSC BVI (Financial Services Commission) on rendering services on marginal trading on the OTC (Over-The-Counter) markets.

Larson&Holz trading services are known for their high quality and loyal undertakings. We assure complete comfort to our clients during the entire dealing process. The smallest deposit starts at USD 10 and the mil lot is 0.001 pips. For the beginners we offer not only the typical demo accounts but the new unique service – NonDeposit Forex.  For the first time ever our clients can trade on the brokers’ funds. We offer this opportunity for the better customer acquisition and participation and thus, a better company reputation. Now the traders can open the non-deposit account and get USD 100 from the company for a period of 3 days. We cover all risks. If the trader loses his account he can just register the new Non-deposit account and hence the trader gets profit of withdrawing the required amount. For more info please go

We are pleased to offer multiple bonuses and privileges to our clients and traders. You are welcome to enjoy the non swap trading, to receive the interest rate up to 10% and also benefit from the Forex Family programme of spread reduction.  The DepoJet bonus gives the unique chance to receive 10% bonus on the deposit and for the clients depositing their account during major holidays and bonus is doubled.

Being the retail broker Larson & Holz It ltd offers services mostly to the private sector. As far as the education center is concerned, we provide training programs for both beginners and professional traders. The clients featuring in the partnership department are usually the private and corporate investors.  You can join one of the franchise program and white label or just simply use our referral program.

Larson & Holz It ltd boasts of the best service provider in its field with a strong back up of the most reliable suppliers and facilities. Permanent quality control is aimed at giving the best value for money. Our experienced and dynamic team of experts guarantees successful solutions for the most demanding clients. Please see more info at .