Hosting a Successful Webinar Explained In Seven Steps

Creating and hosting a successful webinar does not happen overnight, but you don’t have to find yourself steeped in stress when getting it up and running. With more demand for content that is engaging and webinars increasingly used for marketing, we look at how you can create a successful one that brings in high quality leads. Additionally, we have even outlined some of our experiences with webinars below.

Pick a Topic and Create a Unique Name for Your Webinar

As you are thinking about setting up a webinar you will have to grapple with finding a suitable topic that is going to be popular or is currently trending. In the course of hunting for such a topic, you will find many webinars that already deal with it. To ensure that your webinar stands out among other similar offerings, you need to provide it with a unique name that showcases the salient features of its content.

Ensure that Webinar Content Connects With Potential Viewers

Before you pick a provider to set up the webinar you need ensure that content in it resonates with viewers. Creating the content will also help you pick a name for the webinar, so it is ideal that you focus on the content at this stage.

Sign Up with a Webinar Provider

All webinar providers are not equal, so choosing a good hosting platform can ensure that more people sign up and attend. At this point it is ideal that you research which platforms are better than the rest and whether attendees will be able to join the webinar from multiple devices such as mobile phones and desktops. Also check if the platform has a cap on the maximum amount of people who can attend, and whether or not attendees are going to be bombarded with constant advertisements which can be a major turn off.

Choose the Right Equipment and the Date

Finding the right equipment for a webinar in the form of a reliable mobile connection and a high quality headset is essential, as only then will the audience be able to hear you. Picking the right date and time for your webinar and ensuring that it does not clash with holidays will also guarantee maximum attendance.

Highlight the Webinar on Your Blog or Website

Once a webinar has been set up with a provider it is vital that you promote it on your website and blog. If you have social media accounts, the link to sign up for the webinar should be displayed in posts.

Create a Video to Promote your Webinar

With video becoming increasingly popular it is ideal that you promote your webinar using it. The video message does not necessarily have to be shot on a professional quality camera and instead you can use your phone to create it. Creating a video while holding your phone vertically, will allow people to easily check it out on their phones and sign up for a webinar immediately.

Encourage the Audience to Ask Questions

Allowing the audience to send in their questions when the webbing is happening keeps them engaged, so you should set aside time to provide answers to them.

Connecting with attendees and convincing them to sign up for a service or invest in a product can be simplified if you use the correct technology and process to set up a successful webinar.