• FusionExperience launches the first fully cloud based IP Lifecycle Management application.
  • novum™ deals with all aspects of the IP Management lifecycle in one place, maximising the value of portfolios of Intellectual Property for corporations.

FusionExperience, the business and data solutions company, has announced the launch of novumtm, the new cloud based Intellectual Property Management application. The application is based on the Anomaly42 platform, powered by Salesforce’s force.com.

novum™ manages all aspects of a company’s IP portfolio from the initial nurturing of ideas by inventors, to full control of the licencing element.  Licencing features ensure that revenue is generated from the IP portfolio and that costs of using external IP are properly controlled.

Joan Mill Head of Sales, FusionExperience comments:

“An IP portfolio has become one of the most crucial assets of any competitive company.  Until now revenue maximisation has only been possible using multiple, disparate and legacy systems with a combination of technologies.  novumtm is the first fully functional consolidated IP application which gives all users access to one data source.”

Steve Edkins, Chief Executive Officer, FusionExperience comments:

“The launch of novumtm is a key part of FusionExperience’s strategy to broaden its range of applications. Our application is designed to provide businesses with tangible benefits through the use of innovation. We are delighted to announce that we have signed a significant new customer to the novum™ application, and more details will be announced very soon.”