FreeAgent, the multi-award winning cloud accounting software company, has today launched a free ebook edition of its popular business guide A Field Guide to Freelancer Finances.

The firm, whose software is specifically designed for freelancers, contractors and micro-businesses, has published a digital UK version of the book which it hopes will become the go-to resource for UK web designers and developers.

The free ebook is available to download in PDF format at and has been exclusively designed and curated in-house by FreeAgent. It features insights from prominent UK web designers including Paul Boag and Anna Debenham, as well as invaluable financial, accounting and business tips from FreeAgent’s Chief Accountant Emily Coltman.

Ed Molyneux, CEO and co-founder of FreeAgent, said: “Freelancers and small web-design and development businesses have tended to be overlooked when it comes to having access to real-world, practical advice about how to take care of the financial side of running a business. So in addition to giving them the best software for managing their finances, we wanted to give them a must-have resource containing valuable insights from similar business owners to them.

“By bringing together some of the leading names in the UK web design and development sector, alongside our own resident experts at FreeAgent, we’ve worked hard to create A Field Guide to Freelancer Finances which we believe will be a massive help to anyone running their own solo business.”

A Field Guide to Freelancer Finances includes many practical tips for getting to grips with issues such as invoicing, accounting, pricing and tax – from people who have run their own freelance or small businesses and have experienced these issues firsthand.

Chapters include “Using the break-even point to price” and “Creating a stormproof invoicing process” by former Net magazine Young Developer of the Year Anna Debenham, as well as “Overcoming a fear of finances” by Boagworld founder Paul Boag.

To download a free copy of A Field Guide to Freelancer Finances visit

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