70,000+ member, $1.1 billion dollar Minnesota credit union improves branch processes while opening doors to new technologies by integrating cash automation machines directly into their core platform using CFM’s vendor-agnostic solution.

Firefly Credit Unionfirefly (Formerly US Federal Credit Union) in Burnsville, Minnesota, announces their investment in a better member experience by choosing CFM, the core integration solution, to integrate its cash recycling machines directly into their core platform. Previously, Firefly CU was dependent on a legacy cash handling solution that limited the credit union’s hardware options and required extra steps to complete transactions.

“Credit Unions need technologies that enable a superior member experience,” explained Jon Hallberg, VP of Information Services at Firefly CU, “but these products also must provide real benefits through process improvement—not added workflow, complexity or limited flexibility and single vendor lock in. By integrating our recyclers and dispensers directly with our core, CFM changes how we handle transactions in the branch.”

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Additionally, with a new name and brand, Firefly wanted their branch experience to match the new spirit of the CU, and that included introducing best in class technology, no matter the provider. “If we have a desire to leverage one vendor’s cash dispensers, another vendor’s cash recyclers, and yet another vendor’s integrated video teller platform to best serve our members –we should have that choice. Before CFM, we didn’t,” added Hallberg.

cfm“We’re excited to be a big behind the scenes partner of Firefly CU, helping to enable the branch experience they want and deserve,” said John. W. Smith, CFM’s CEO. “We started CFM for the exact reasons Firefly found us–financial institutions were struggling with limited options for integrating cash automation hardware into their branch. Firefly’s selection of CFM shows our solutions align to exactly what the branch of the future needs.”

Hallberg agreed, “Our existing cash handling interface software was a recommendation of our core processing vendor, and it’s simply what they are familiar with. Cash handling is not their core competency, nor should it be. However, this “familiar” interface is based on older technology and hasn’t kept up with the changing needs of the credit union. This partnership with CFM will help Firefly create a flexible command and control platform fully integrated to our core, allowing us to adopt new technologies while better leveraging our investment in existing cash handling equipment.”