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  • Over 800,000 startups were formed in 2020
  • In the past 12 months, startups are responsible for the creation of over 3 million jobs in the U.S. alone.

The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic’s effect on foreign travel- in conjunction with the proliferation of US startups in recent years, has led to a drastic rise in demand for business registration services nationwide. Such services include business name generator programs which- as we will further analyse below, can save starting entrepreneurs an invaluable amount of time, effort and capital.

Startups: A Simple Overview

Quite often, hearing the word ‘start-up’ can lead persons to erroneously presume that the word solely refers to businesses of a relatively small size- encapsulating a team of maybe just under ten employees and often involving a significant amount of distress, panic, and misinformation.

According to the data, however, a startup can include a surprisingly prolific amount of business sizes, and companies can often experience a significant amount of growth before they actually stop being categorized as a startup. Such a process can often include a business either: a) encompassing a total revenue that exceeds $20 million, b) opening more than just one business office, or c) becoming acquired via a merger or acquisition.

Having said that, startups do have one thing in common, and that is the simple fact that the vast majority of them end up going bankrupt within their first five years of operation.

With over 90% of startups not succeeding, it is unsurprising that the market has seen such a drastic surge in demand for business formation services. These are often used to adequately guide startup owners, and can undeniably ensure a smoother business formation process which effectively protects beginning entrepreneurs against any unforeseen hiccups and losses down the line at an extremely low opportunity cost.

Top Name Generator Providers: Shopify, TRUiC & Others

Finding the right business name for your startup can be an essential, yet challenging step.

This is because your business name will highly determine the way in which you can brand your business image in the future and will arguably play a significantly important role in the long-term success of your startup.

As briefly touched on above, the emergence of business formation providers in recent years has become more and more apparent, and such services can include complicated, specialised Business Name Generator programs which are capable of brainstorming and delivering unique, SEO-friendly names in a timely manner- saving starting entrepreneurs an immeasurable amount of valuable time, capital and effort which could be better placed in another area of their business.

Of course- as we will further analyse below, the value of these services can differ greatly depending on the provider as they can vary significantly in relation to their pricing, speed, and privacy and can consequently yield significantly different results.

Some of the most eminent and successful providers in this area include Shopify, Namelix, and industry colossal TRUiC- all offering top-tier, trustworthy services.

Out of all of them, TRUiC is arguably a bit more unique in the sense that it is undoubtedly the best in adopting a holistic business formation guiding process and consequently creates a smoother transition for all its users. Such a process includes: a) assisting its users in picking their ideal, SEO-friendly business name, b) helping them identify their best domain name (as well as checking its ‘.COM’ availability), and c) providing a plethora of bonus tools and logo creation features- all without the need to  pay anything.

Moreover, it should be duly noted that TRUiC’s business name generator ensures that all ‘searched’ business names on their website will be kept entirely confidential for an entire month following their appearance- offering a sense of privacy that’s not common in this area of practice and further differentiating them from most of the other business formation providers on the market today.

Final Take: Evaluating the Best Provider?

Overall, TRUiC seems to undoubtedly offer the best ‘package’ set of services in this area of practice. Besides their: aforementioned unrivalled pricing, top-tier service quality, unique logo formation service and privacy guarantee, TRUiC excels in enabling its users to experience a holistic business formation transition without any hiccups or unforeseen costs down the line, and ensures that any name offered is always both SEO-friendly and tailored to each individual business’s desired brand image.

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