EXNESS – Best Standard Forex Broker Asia 2012

In these unpredictable times, how you invest your free capital is of ever greater importance. Forex trading is one of the most attractive choices you can make. Huge daily trading volumes provide liquidity for almost any currency pair imaginable. Add to that the popularity of Internet trading and the minimal deposit requirements of most Forex brokerages, and the Forex market becomes accessible to all. However, with countless companies offering Forex trading services, it is important to choose a reliable financial organization that understands your specific needs. You have to go beyond the slick advertising and pay attention to the opinions of authoritative agencies and regular traders.

EXNESS has earned its reputation as a leader in the Forex industry.  At its founding in 2008, EXNESS immediately set a new quality standard for Internet brokers by introducing a number of new, unique services. For example, the Company is the only to offer its clients automatic withdrawal, giving traders round-the-clock access to their money and freeing them from the constraints of the financial department’s hours of operation.

Another benefit of working with EXNESS is the Company’s large leverage, which reduces the margin on traders’ open positions. Traders around the world have switched to EXNESS for the flexibility its leverage policy offers.

EXNESS offers all the services a trader in today’s market could want. EXNESS clients have had access to metal-currency accounts for over a year. In fact,  EXNESS metal-currency accounts are a simple and reliable way to protect your money from the effects of negative economic factors during periods of financial instability.

At EXNESS, the order of business is positive change and continual improvement. The Company is always at the forefront of achievement in the industry, providing the ideal for other brokerages to copy. Here is just a short list of some of the recent changes at EXNESS:

1) EXNESS technical support has new hours
As of February 4, 2012, the EXNESS technical support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! EXNESS specialists are ready to help clients resolve their issues at any time.
The decision to move to 24-hour support was made on the basis of an analysis of the number of calls traders made to technical support on weekends and holidays. EXNESS management quickly moved to 24-hour support in order to make its professionals available to clients and potential clients whenever needed. Now our traders have access to information and technical support around the clock!

2) EXNESS Daily Trading Volume Exceeds USD 2 Billion
In February 2012, the total volume of trades on our Company’s servers exceeded USD 40 billion. In other words, the daily volume of trades by EXNESS clients constituted more than 2 billion US dollars! Only six months ago we reported a daily billion-dollar turnover, and now we can confidently say that we’ve doubled that amount.
The Company’s rapid development is a result of ongoing improvements to quality in all aspects of its operations. More and more traders from around the world are placing their trust in us and, as always, we consider this trust our most valuable asset. The EXNESS team, which champions the most advanced ideas in the industry, has, within a relatively short time, made the concept of truly mutually beneficial cooperation with every client a reality.

3) For the first time on Forex – leverage of 1:2000
On March 12, 2012, EXNESS once again reduced its clients’ margin requirements. Now Mini account holders can use leverage of up to 1:2,000. This huge change gives traders more flexibility in their trading strategies and makes Forex trading truly affordable for everyone.

As a reliable broker where traders can make money, EXNESS continues to improve its operations. New services will be rolled out soon!