Deployment of all-cloud network and development of a new digital Internet economy ecosystem illustrate 3 Hong Kong’s prominent role in serving a new economy in the 5G era

HONG KONG- 3 Hong Kong, the mobile arm of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited (HTHKH; stock code: 215), has announced deployment of an all-cloud core network from Huawei and a strategic co-operation agreement with Alibaba Group to cover cloud computing, intelligent big data and the IoT platform, as well as infrastructure and information security.

Cliff Woo, HTHKH Executive Director and CEO, said: “3HK is undergoing rapid metamorphosis from mobile operator to developer of a new digital Internet economy ecosystem. At the same time as working diligently to prepare for 5G, we are expanding on our provision of mobile connectivity, services and content to creating a new digital Internet ecosystem for the new economy.”

Deploying an all-cloud core network

3 Hong Kong recently announced deployment of a telco cloud to cloudify 3G and 4G core networks, which will lay a solid foundation for evolving 5G network architecture. It also unveiled a plan to conduct in-and-outdoor network trials in the 3.5GHz, 26 GHz and 28 GHz (millimetre wave) 5G spectrum bands.

The company is currently rolling out network infrastructure in order to launch a 5G service at the earliest possible opportunity — just as soon as 5G spectrum standards have been finalised and compatible mobile devices become available.

Developing cloud computing, big data and IoT initiatives with Alibaba Group

3 Hong Kong and the Alibaba Group have signed a strategic co-operation agreement with the aim of creating an ecosystem for Hong Kong’s digital Internet economy. The company’s efforts will add significant impetus to Hong Kong’s development as a smart city served by massively large-scale connectivity.

3 Hong Kong’s formidable competitive advantages in terms of branding, sales channels and operational experience — coupled with a vast pool of integrated big data from an enormous customer case – will help produce applications for enterprises of all sizes, as well as consumer customers.

Mr Woo and other management figures visited Shanghai and Hangzhou in late June to make key announcements around 3 Hong Kong’s transformational journey into a new technological age.

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