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What a ‘no deal’ Brexit means for business

Warwick Business School (WBS) in partnership with the Bank of England have recently launched a new part-time, online programme aimed at central banking and financial regulation professionals.

The Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation qualification supports the professional development of staff with a focused and relevant programme that would be valuable to those working in Central Banking or the Finance sector, be that commercial and retail banking, regulatory, advisory or investment banking.

Watch our introductory video or download the brochure to learn more.

Key benefits

This programme can benefit you across a range of areas including:

  • Enhanced ‘on the job’ performance – Exposure to new ideas, models and best practice that may be directly and quickly incorporated into your workplace.
  • Increased expertise – You may choose to focus on a particular area of relevance or build your competencies in new areas, which can be related to your daily performance.
  • Modular structure – You may choose to study a single module and build up expertise over time culminating in a Masters’ qualification.
  • Developing best practice – You will be able to bring back to your organisation many proven tools and ideas gained through the module content and interaction with faculty and peers.
  • Flexibility – Taught entirely online, this modular programme allows you to learn and develop with minimal time away from the office and to study at a time that suits you.

Download the brochure.

How do central banks measure the effect of QE?

Quantitative easing or QE – the buying up of large quantities of bonds by central banks to stimulate economic activity and inflation – was thrust into the popular lexicon.

But far from being an emergency measure, this so-called unconventional monetary policy is still being used by central banks around the world today.

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Five hurdles blockchain faces to revolutionise banking

Many start-ups, technology companies, and established financial firms are working with blockchain and experimenting with the technology, but there are five basic challenges that the technology has to overcome if it is to be accepted as part of the financial system.

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