Phil Foster, Managing Director of business energy comparison site, Love Energy Savings, comments on why investing in the knowledge and skills of your employees is so worthwhile for the growth of a company and a much needed investment for 2017.

Phil Foster
Phil Foster

Employees are the lifeblood of your business. As a company gets bigger, and takes on more customers and clients, you need more employees to help offer a fantastic product or service.

Research we’ve conducted in the past revealed that almost half of the 1,400 people surveyed didn’t believe that their employer offered them enough opportunities to develop in their career.  There are so many reasons why investing in the knowledge and skills of your employees is worthwhile.

Your employees will feel more engaged in their role and in the business as a whole, as they are being given opportunities to learn more, not just about their own niche specialism, but about your industry in general.

We give our employees a voice and speak to those at the heart of the business to understand what motivates them, inspires them and makes them want to get involved. For example, we regularly have employees approaching us with fundraising events they wish to organise for their chosen charity; we empower them to take ownership and we support them in communicating the great work that they’re doing across the business.

Happiness is just as infectious as malaise and if you can make sure you are thinking every day, as an employer, how can I make my workforce smile today and then go and do it, you will not only have happy employees, they will also be loyal employees.

Those who feel more engaged and connected to a business that provides them with these chances are less likely to leave, giving you more time, money and energy to focus on growing the business instead of recruiting new people.

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