The International Brokerage Increases Efforts in Client Service and Technical Support to Cater to Strong Demand

BlackWellBlackwell Global, one of the fastest growing online forex brokerages worldwide,is fortifying its presence in China, officially adding Beijing to its existing Shanghai branch, located in the heart of Beijing’s financial district.

Relying on smart business acumen, preferring to build a strong foundation through steadfast reliability instead of extensive marketing gimmicks – as is common in the industry; Blackwell Global has steadily grown to become one of the three biggest forex brokerages in China. Helping Chinese clients deepen their understanding of the foreign exchange market, it conducts free forex education and seminars at annual financial expos nationwide.In addition, taking pride in their cultural sensitivity, the company has strived to understand the nuances of building up a business in China, building on-the-ground relationships to develop strong ties with the best forex experts and partners.

“We invest in building the trust of each and every one of our clients, not just in the People’s Republic of China but globally as well.”said Eric Qian, director of Blackwell Global China,“This expansion was much needed in our continual efforts to maintain our standards of client support, given the current demand for foreign exchange services here.”

Where client service excellence is the heart of Blackwell Global, innovation is the brain. Starting out as a boutique brokerage, the now international financial services provider prides itself on its award-winning, flexible partnership model that supports each client’s short-term trading needs whilst building on long-term business relationships.

The latest partnership programme, Blackwell Prime Solutions and Blackwell Trader Pro, has gained signification traction amongst high networth clients. This new institutional service was established to cater specially to this group of enterprising financial experts, which includes Introducing Brokers, Money Managers and White Label clients.

As the roaring demand for financial services in China continue to grow unabated, the latest presence in Beijing will enable Blackwell Global to establish a fortified presence here.

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Founded in 2010, the Blackwell Global companies (“Blackwell Global”) were established to offer brokerage solutions for private and institutional clients, along with other investment products. Blackwell Global is a Straight Through Processing (“STP”) brokerage providing superior liquidity and price feeds from top international banks, 24-hour technical support, market research tools, educational material, professional partnership programmes and a fully integrated Blackwell Trader platform for its clients. Blackwell Global has a global presence in over 30 countries, with main offices in Australia, China, Cyprus, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Nigeria, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

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