BitSight Unveils the Industry’s First Cybersecurity Performance Planning and Analytics Solution

BitSight Forecasting Enables Organisations to Utilise Objective Data-Driven Insights for Optimal Resource Allocation to Reduce Risk

BitSight, the Standard in Security Ratings, today announced the availability of BitSight Forecasting, the first analytics offering in the Security Rating Services industry to provide direct visibility into a company’s current and future security program, as well as insights into the efficacy of its investments and initiatives.

BitSight Forecasting will help customers identify the optimal course of action to improve their cybersecurity risk posture. Leveraging unique risk and security analytics available only through the BitSight ecosystem, customers can model various security scenarios and project how changes to processes, technologies and culture will impact their environment.

“Security is complex and today’s threat landscape has made it increasingly difficult for organisations to understand, in a quantifiable fashion, which investments will yield the greatest results,” said Stephen Boyer, Chief Technology Officer, BitSight. “Businesses need a solution that will help them identify the proper strategy and resources necessary to mitigate risk. BitSight Forecasting, the first of many analytics offerings to come, helps our customers manage the complexity of investment prioritisation options for measurable security improvement.”

Leveraging aggregated security performance data from hundreds of thousands of organisations throughout the world, BitSight Forecasting offers an innovative approach for companies to model different scenarios and outcomes within their security and risk programs. With BitSight Forecasting, businesses can analyse difficult yet critical questions about where to spend security budgets, and what sets of activities will help reduce risk most quickly. Organisations now have greater confidence in taking actions to measurably improve their cybersecurity risk posture, align their program to broader business goals and set expectations with senior leadership.

BitSight Forecasting delivers:

  1. Projected Security Performance: Organisations can explore different scenarios to identify immediate opportunities for security performance improvement that best fit their resources and environment.
  2. Security Action Planning: Helps businesses generate logical, data-informed plans of action to execute on security performance goals, and explore and iterate these plans over time.
  3. Security Progress Tracking: IT and security leaders can monitor security performance against goals to more easily update senior leadership on progress.

BitSight Forecasting is available today. To learn more, please visit