Hoyos Labs Debuts the HoyosID™ Mobile App, Consumer App Utilizes Biometrics to Secure Personal Information

Complete Biometrics Solution for Consumers Will Replace Usernames, Passwords and Log-ins

BARCELONA, SPAIN – Mobile World Congress Hall #1 / Stand #1A36 –  Biometrics have become the newest trend in mobile technology; however, companies have been unsuccessful at developing biometric technologies that are both secure and convenient for the consumer. Today, Hoyos Labs, a digital infrastructure security company, presents HoyosIDTM, a mobile app that allows consumers to use biometrics to securely and conveniently replace the usernames and passwords for all of their favorite websites.

BIOMETRICS-Based Consumer Mobile App Eradicates Passwords
BIOMETRICS-Based Consumer Mobile App Eradicates Passwords

The success of the HoyosID mobile app comes from the fact that it leverages smartphones as real-time biometrics pattern acquisition devices without a need for additional hardware to carry. This technology securely pairs users’ mobile devices to their personal computers and/or tablets, allowing authentication to move out of a browser’s username and password fields and on to the mobile device.

When a user downloads HoyosID onto his or her smartphone and pairs the devices, middleware is installed into the browser, creating a secure link. Multiple devices can be paired, and users can share their account with others, such as family members or business partners. Once the account is activated and the devices are paired, users can add any website that they choose and enter their log-in information only once. From then on, when a user selects a website to log into from the app, his or her biometrics are acquired and verified to grant access to the site.

The app uses the forward-facing camera on a smartphone to capture the user’s biometrics – periocular, iris and facial – to identify and log-in the user to the chosen website on his or her desktop or tablet device. The app also includes a unique “liveness” detector (capable of distinguishing a real person from an image or video) and pattern matching to verify that the person who is attempting to log-on to a system or complete a transaction is, in fact, the true identity. This authentication takes less than one minute and allows users to access all of their favorite sites – from Facebook to online banking and beyond.

“At Hoyos Labs, we understood that convenience would be the driving factor in the acceptance of biometrics by consumers, so we focused on creating a technology that will work with mobile devices – the HoyosID app – as most people are already carrying their phones with them everywhere,” said Hector Hoyos, CEO of Hoyos Labs. “Secure identity assertion requires multiple pieces to be successful, which many of today’s biometric solutions are missing. In order to be effective, there needs to be a secure middleware and back-end, and with HoyosID, we have created a secure platform that is both incredibly secure and incredibly convenient for consumers.”

Although the HoyosID solution does include its own proprietary biometric technology, the platform is “biometrics agnostic” and supports any other third-party biometric technology through the Biometric Open Protocol Standards (BOPS).

“Mobile World Congress is the global focal point for the introduction and development of new and innovative mobile technologies, and the Hoyos Labs team saw it as the perfect opportunity to introduce the app that will change how people perceive passwords and identity assertion,” continued Hoyos. “In recent months, it has become clear that both consumers and corporations now understand that the use of biometric and mobile technology is the most effective way to protect our personal material.”

To see a demonstration of HoyosID, please visit Stand #1A36 in Hall #1 during Mobile World Congress, or e-mail [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

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About Hoyos Labs

Hoyos Labs is a digital infrastructure security company with security, computer vision and biometrics and big data experts. The goal of Hoyos Labs is to develop and deploy enterprise and consumer identity assertion technology platforms that will conveniently and securely address the identity assertion challenges of today. Hoyos Labs currently has offices in New York, Boston, Bucharest (Romania), Beijing (China) and Oxford (United Kingdom).