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Beware The Forex Trading Scam




A new forex investor can get fooled by some sort of forex scam. Scammers are clever and the ideas they come up with are only limited to their imagination. Typical forex scams can involve software or e-books that promisea profit in the forex market. Dishonest market makers that skewer costumer accounts to take their fees, false advertising, and even those with phony sites that disappear once they have your funds.

The currency market tends to leave new investors susceptible to such scams because the market fluctuates and the general public doesn’t have a great understanding of how the market works. Investors much educate themselves on the forex market. This education also needs to include becoming aware of common forex trading scams. Nine tips recommended to investors from the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in 2001 included:

• Keep away from opportunities which are too good to be true
• Avoid any firm that foresees or assures large profits
• Stay Away from companies which guarantee less or no financial risk
• Be cautious of trading on margin unless you know what that means
• Be suspicious of those claiming to trade in the interbank market because it is safer
• Be wary of sending or transferring money on the net, by mail or otherwise
• Scams will more often than not target ethnic minorities
• Get the company’s performance track record
• If they won’t provide their background They aren’t worth the

As is common in different forms of scam, many forex scams, rely ongetting the customer to see dollar signs rather than seeing the situation clearly. If at any time within the deciding process you begin to feel yourself getting too excited by the prospect of creating what looks like simple cash, then set your plans aside for the present and come back to them later. Putting it aside and coming back to it later will allow you to have a less emotional response and place you in a better position to come to a decision.

One of the most common scams and the one easiest for new investors to fall into merely involves selling a product or system via the web which will ‘guarantee’ you a profits in forex trading. Watch out for the attractive web advertisements for this kind of merchandise, while it may provide you with some facts and knowledge regarding the forex market it simply cannot guarantee profit. There is always risk involved in trading forex, there is no magic secret that can eliminate risk.



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