BCSG are a cloud services broker. They connect small businesses (SMBs) with the cloud applications they need to succeed through a business app market. Their partnership with leading brands provides a reach to over 4 million SMBs worldwide, with their business app market currently being used by over 200,000 SMBs. Their clients are large corporates that have a significant SMB customer base, and they typically work with financial institutions and telecom companies.

The BCSG head office is situated at the centre of London’s Silicon roundabout, with offices that cover North America, Europe and APAC.

BCSG (BUSINESS CENTRIC SERVICES GROUP) 1Established in 2008, to help address the needs of SMBs, BCSG has gone from strength to strength. In the last 2 years the company has seen significant growth in a number of areas; staff numbers have grown from 50 to 110, with 50% coming in the last 6 months, their small business customer app users have risen from zero to more than 60,000, and internationally they have doubled the markets they’re selling to. They have also grown revenue from £2m in 2010 to £15m in 2014 and maintained a profit in every year of trading since launch.

BCSG provide a fully customisable business app marketplace to large corporates for them to offer to their small business customers. They work with their clients to design the right proposition for their SMEs, source the right ISV partners (from our catalogue of 100 partners), integrate those partners into a tailored platform and then deliver 24 hour customer support every working day, with integrated billing. They also help clients in designing and implementing a fully supported go-to-market strategy.

Key Executives
John Davis, Managing Director
Tom Platt, Commercial Director
Eamon O’Dwyer, Strategy Director

Corporate social responsibility activities
Business environment: BCSG is built with the purpose of helping small businesses to thrive. They provide real, tangible solutions for small businesses, so far they have helped over 60,000 businesses run their companies better.

Environment: BCSG have reviewed their office lighting and the CO2 savings from this alone is 145 Tonnes per annum. Although they operate a minimum print policy, the paper they recycle saves 212 trees from being felled per annum. Employees are also encouraged to cycle and the company is part of the Cycle to Work scheme.

Young people: BCSG believe in young people and are partnered to an apprenticeship scheme. This year they have have taken on eight young people so far – they join on a 6 month apprenticeship contract but within 3-4 months this is usually converted to a full employment contract (7/8 hit rate to date).

Major projects to be noted
EE Business Apps platform – EE are one the UK’s largest and most advanced digital communications companies. They saw an opportunity to add SaaS as a natural complement to and enabler of their core business services. After considering a number of cloud service providers BCSG were chosen to collaboratively design the EE Business App platform.

Santander iBusinessHub – Santander UK is a leading financial services provider in the UK. They “pride themselves on providing innovative, value added services to their customers”, and after talking to their customers they found “strong demand for these powerful, yet easy to use solutions” hence partnering with BCSG to introduce cloud-based business applications.

Tech track 100 for two years in a row, moving up 18 positions to 44th this year.
National champion for EBA 2014
Shortlisted for NBA Digital Business of the year 2014

Branch locations
London, UK
Sydney, Australia
Delaware, US
Pretoria, South Africa.

Contact information
Email: : [email protected], Telephone: UK +44 (0)845 880 8820, Website: www.bcsg.com

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