Bank ZENIT trade acquiring turnover in 2012 rose by 62%

In 2012, Bank ZENIT trade acquiring turnover increased by 62%. Clients of retail and service enterprises serviced by Bank ZENIT performed over 5.86 million transactions worth an aggregate of 14.23 billion rubles.

There was an over 50% rise in the number of ATMs installed in retail and service outlets served by the Bank ZENIT Processing Centre, bringing their total to over 4.5 thousand.

“In addition to expanding through coverage of more retail and service enterprises, Bank ZENIT has been actively upgrading the technological base for its acquiring operations”, Deputy Chairman of the Bank ZENIT Management Board Alexey Rozorenov commented on the annual results. “In particular, during the third quarter of 2012, we launched a project to install equipment in retail and service outlets for performing contactless payments using the MasterCard PayPass technology”.

Bank ZENIT annual trade acquiring operations turnover


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