At last – help to make sense of London…and how about Xmas carols at Kensington Palace?

London can be daunting. Yes, other cities have  similar problems; what to do, where to go, how to go; clubs, theatres, this quarter, that quarter.Royal Nore exterior

But somehow, London manages to confuse even the most astute global traveller, some even taking one look at the hectic pace of this throbbing and pulsating city and heading back to the hotel bar.

Getting to grips with London…..or even the thought of tackling the hustling, bustling metropolis, is in itself a stressful prelude to visiting….often at a time when the business visitor in particular often has other, more important things on their mind.

Enter the heraldicly-named Quinnel, a word almost certainly steeped in London private club history, derived from Shakespearance contemporaries gathering in coffee houses to discuss important issues of their time.

Quinnel – or rather, is naturally based in Mayfair, where anyone who is anyone should be based; but rather than being over-burdened with historic gentlemen taking your hat and coat and pointing towards a blazing hearth, Quinnel is of the modern age.  It is entirely internet-based.

But its one aim and purpose in life is to make your stay in London stress-free, enjoyable, convenient…..and with not one iota of hassle. For example, Quinnel’s founder, worldwide socialite Juliette Webber explained: “Besides being an exclusive members club for individuals and offering a first class concierge service, we also help companies who really value their staff, with corporate memberships. Good staff are hard to find and with Quinnel membership companies can reward those staff who make a difference. In practice that can mean entry into London’s vast array of private clubs – with just one membership card. A real bonus.”

Cars, theatre, restaurants, sight-seeing, a private plane, exclusive meetings with other like-minded visitors – Quinnel appears to offer them all, along with such exclusive events as Christmas carols and a masquerade ball at Kensington Palace.Black card and hand

Naturally, membership does not come cheap, emphasising the exclusivity of this concierge and visiting service that puts itself above the rest.  Top membership and the all-important, all-embracing black membership card, will set you back around $40,000….but there are lower levels, starting at around $3,000.  It all depends on your wants and needs. With the top membership level, for example, a visitor would be entitled to a Bentley and driver to chauffeur them around the city.

Said Juliette: “We openly admit we’re exclusive and comprehensive. There is nothing we don’t know about London and looking after visitors who have the means and wherewithall to enjoy themselves; but we also have the influence and contacts to ensure they do it at the sort of prices that cannot be obtained anywhere else.”

Indeed, Quinnel says it has a constantly changing and updated programme of events, many so private not even the top super stars would gain access, although Juliette hastens to add that mixing with the stars is actually “no problem” to  Quinnel. “We know them all”, she said.

And she added: “When you’re visiting London it’s easy to get distracted with so much to see and do and it’s also easy to get caught up in the tourist trap. We know that our members want luxury, style and sophistication, all of which is available in the city in abundance. You just need to know where to find it, without stress, hassle and being overcharged.”

You’ll find Quinnel on or  you can contact them on [email protected]
or 0207 887 4554.

Quinnel’s current exclusive offers include Christmas carols and a mascarade ball at Kensington Palace, golf in Scotland – Gleneagles, of course, a Royal Box at the Albert Hall…and dinner on the Thames with famous TV chef Jamie Oliver aboard the Silver Sturgeon. Members will also be getting an exclusive offer involving the Royal Nore.