Next-generation app performance test platform resides in the cloud, delivering unparalleled support for modern development standards

Appvance Inc., a leader in app performance testing, announced the launch of a next generation cloud testing platform which combines functional, performance, stress, load and APM into one platform.

Appvance PerformanceCloud (APC) is the first beginning-to-end test system which accurately mimics actual user interactions, even with complex HTML5 and AJAX client-side code. From the latest JavaScript to legacy Oracle Forms, from video to mobile, APC drives substantially higher productivity in SQA, and thus deeper analysis. APC, which runs in a public cloud or in a private cloud behind the firewall, fully supports Agile workflows, available in public or private cloud, compatible with popular scripting languages such as selenium for all test methods, and includes Appvance’s patent-pending UXAvatar technology, which allows even complex sites and apps to be tested without coding. APC requires no installation and runs fully within a browser.

“Appvance PerformanceCloud is targeted at Global 5000 enterprise companies who are fatigued by their legacy test tools receiving slow support and tools that have not kept up with modern social/mobile development standards. Organizations engaging their internal or external users cannot afford the business risk of an app that slows down or fails to deliver an excellent end-user experience after launch,” said Kevin Surace, CEO at Appvance. “The impact to their brand is too high. Brand managers, IT executives, and CxOs need world-class features, higher productivity, deeper analysis, and white glove support all the way. Our existing customers are very happy with our next generation APC test platform.”

Appvance’s new patent-pending uxAvatar technology drives the entire app from beginning-to-end, including the first-ever 100% operation of the app as real users operate the app, even in apps using HTML5, Ajax, RIA technology like SmartGWT, Yahoo YUI, JQuery, MooTools, JSF, and Flash/Flex. Testers at large companies like McKesson, PepsiCo, and Best Buy found the APC test authoring tools “just worked” from the latest apps using JavaScript to legacy Oracle Forms, from video to mobile. As a result, people on APC create tests rapidly and provide Software Quality Analysts (SQA) deeper analysis. The platform fully supports Agile workflows, available in public or private cloud, compatible with popular test systems such as Selenium, WebDriver, Sahi, soapUI, JMeter, and JUnit, for all test methods, many times without any coding needed.

Frank Cohen, CTO and Founder at Appvance, noted: “We listened to customers and their need for improved ease of test creation, ability to test even the most complex apps from beginning-to-end, ramp from functional testing to 1 million simulated users seamlessly, and a platform that can surface more real issues faster than any of the other tools on the market. While many are still using test tools from the 1990s, most are now looking to upgrade to meet the demanding issues of modern apps. That upgrade has arrived in Appvance PerformanceCloud.”

Companies looking to upgrade a legacy test platform to the next generation may request a custom test solution demo, free of charge, at

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