Apps that help boost workplace fitness

So you excel at work and are hitting all goals while your fitness has been lacking? Well then in the long term you are at risk of developing serious health complications, which could also impact your work performance. Boosting workplace fitness is therefore important in most organizations and apps are being used to help employees meet their goals. We’ve checked out the top apps that help boost fitness and wellness in an organization and they are listed below.

Lose It! – the app for weight loss

One of the major issues that people need help with is weight loss. Employees who work at a desk find that they put on weight easily and many want to adopt measures that will help them lose a few pounds. Lose It! is the app which allows for calories consumed and for activity to be monitored, and busy employees can keep a track of these aspects of their fitness when at work. The app is especially beneficial for those who want to stop gaining more weight.

CaféWell – for managing health

Ensuring that goals related to employee health and overall wellness remains tracked and everyday activities associated with them are completed, is what CaféWell does. The platform is specifically made for use in enterprises, and ensures that wellness related activities such as quizzes that stimulate the mind are also completed. Using the app employees can also share fitness related activities such as workouts, circulate photos and healthy recipes. The sharing of information and goals importantly helps motivate employees to work on improving their fitness level and regularly exercise.

Endomondo and Hotseat – improve your activity level

Keeping active in the workplace involves getting up and moving frequently, instead of being bound to a desk for hours at end. Walking and standing ensure that you do not develop blood clots and you expel more energy resulting in less weight gain. Endomondo and Hotseat are apps designed to keep you motivated as you work to achieve your fitness goals. Endomondo connects you in a social fitness network so that you can trade tips and statistics related to exercise and keep motivated. Hotseat ensures that you take small breaks extending up to two minutes, and creates challenges that encourage people to stand.

WeFitter – a wellness app for companies

Keeping employees fit ensures that they are productive at work and can deliver the best performance. Increasingly companies are using apps to ensure that employees remain fit and costs related to healthcare are kept low. One such app is WeFitter which monitors the health of employees and provides them with challenges and rewards for meeting their goals. The app also ensures that employees participate in programs and compete against others in an environment that is similar to a game.

Power Nap App – the art of rejuvenating through napping

Getting a quick nap when at office can be refreshing and it allows you to focus better on tasks that last for several hours. The Power Nap App allows you to nap for around 30 minutes within a designated room in the company or a break room and wakes you up with a soothing alarm.

Helping employees stay fit, creative and engaged while at work is something that companies are focusing on as part of organization wide wellness initiatives, and apps are being used to simplify the process.

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