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6 Tips to Plan Trips Abroad Without Agents



6 Tips to Plan Trips Abroad Without Agents

What do you like most about the internet? We bet instantly looking up any kind of information from domain experts for free is definitely on your list. This is almost like a superpower. When it comes to do-it-yourself, the Internet is KING. You can take up any daunting challenge and use free information from experienced members online and do it on your own. Planning a trip abroad is the ideal example of a do-it-yourself challenge with high rewards.

A lot of first-timers who decide to do it on their own come out with a newfound joy from a self-planned and executed trip. In fact, planning your trip abroad can enhance your anticipation and get you even more excited! Planning also prepares you and eases your anxiety for your worst imagined scenarios regarding abroad travel. It also gives you more control over each aspect of your experiences and saves you a ton of money!

There are 6 essential steps to planning a trip abroad. Using the insightful time-, money- and trouble-saving tips below for each step, we help you jump over planning hurdles you might not even be aware of.

Understanding Your Travel Personality and Setting a Travel Budget

Your style of travel depends on your personality, interests, experiences and budget. Figuring out which travel style fits in for each of these factors may reveal your preferences. Every style has its pros and cons. Below is a quick list with the most common travellers and their travel styles to help you discover which style appeals the most to you and what kind of traveller you are:

  • Active traveller: this type of traveller likes to utilize every moment on their time abroad and they constantly want to move around exploring. They spend minimal time in their rooms and they choose more adventurous and thrilling options on their trips.
  • Laidback traveller: this type of traveller likes to keep an easy-going pace for their time abroad and want to explore according to what they feel like at the moment. They are relaxed, go-with-the-flow types with and choose simpler and comfortable options on their trips.
  • Budget traveller: this type of traveller likes to strictly minimize their spendings while abroad and they focus more on whatever the destination and its culture have to offer, stripped off the luxuries and amenities. They are explorers who choose every budget-friendly option on their trips.
  • Leisure traveller: this type of traveller likes to prioritise their comfort. They like to use their funds to travel in comfort and style and they are focused on what the destination has to offer best. They are explorers who choose fancier options on their trips.

Once you understand what kind of traveller you are and your travel style, it will help you in setting a budget. Budgeting is the most crucial aspect of planning a 5-star trip for yourself. The budget you set for your trip will shape all the future trip decisions like accommodation, activities, eateries, etc. Everyone’s budget varies according to their situations and priorities. To decide the correct budget for yourself, we recommend calculating the amount of money you want to invest according to your travel style and preferences. Make sure you balance between setting an amount which allows you to make the most of your time but also doesn’t set you back too much or drain all your savings.

Finding Your Perfect Travel Destination

Combined with your travel style preference and budget, your choice of destination will become significantly easier. It will help you decide which places give you the best value for your preferences and enable you to shortlist some places. For example, if you are a budget traveller then you can choose a destination in Southeast Asia, as it is both affordable and rich in culture.

You can also prioritise what you look for in a destination like scenic landscapes, beaches, rich city life, resorts, cuisine, religious culture, ethnic diversity, etc, to filter and narrow down from the places you shortlist.

Choosing the Right Time to Travel

Choosing the right time to travel to a specific place can enhance your experience and make it more memorable. For example, the months from March to May and from September to November are generally considered the best times to visit Japan. This is because you can witness nature at its best, with enchanting autumnal leaves or the iconic cherry blossoms. Plus, the weather is very pleasant in these months due to low rainfall and mild temperatures. Although, travelling during popular times may surge prices in tourism activities. So before choosing a time to travel, browse your destination’s best travel time and how it affects prices and factor it into consideration.

Also, make sure your documentation is intact. The documentation required by governments to accept tourists in their countries is volatile. Make sure you check with the government websites for an updated list of documents required to enter their country at the time of your trip. For example, your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the United States, unless exempted by country-specific agreements.

Booking Cost-Effective Flights and Accommodation

Flight costs and accommodations can sum up to account for a large part of your total travel budget. Make sure you use every tool at your disposal to minimize the impact of bookings on your budget.

  • Book in advance. The sooner you book, the better. Make sure you at least do your bookings three months before your plans.
  • Keep checking booking comparison websites to find the cheapest deals.
  • For cheaper flights, you can book connecting flights to your destination, note that saving money may come with longer flight hours.
  • For cheaper accommodation, you can book hostels, or rent apartments or rooms.
  • Look for package deals for flight+accommodation for discounted prices.
  • Use the travel miles accumulated by your credit card points.

Preparing For Your Safety

When you are getting ready for an exploration journey to a foreign land you have never been to and whose language you may or may not speak, it is essential to best prepare yourself. Many destinations have a reputation for some frequent criminal activity which you must be aware of. For example, knowing Barcelona has the highest rate in the world for pickpocketing can help you keep an extra cautious eye on your belongings among large crowds.

Remember, preparing well is half the battle won.

  • Check safety advisories posted by official government websites.
  • Check the crime rate statistics for frequent criminal activities.
  • Read about general safety tips from bloggers who either live where you are going or if they are frequent travellers to the place.
  • Carry essentials -pepper spray, swiss knife, identity proof, handy cash and emergency contact numbers.
  • Keep your electronics charged.
  • Inform your banks before you travel so that your card transactions are not unknowingly marked as unidentified or fraudulent and blocked.
  • Inform your embassy and family members about your travel plans and where you plan to stay to allow easy communication in case of any emergencies.
  • Apply for travel insurance which has coverage for trip cancellations, medical emergencies, travel delays, and lost luggage.
  • Learn some common words of the language which your destination speaks, like a hotel, taxi, phone, bathroom, food, emergency, money, etc. You may also download a translated dictionary of local language from google translate or carry a hardcopy translation dictionary.

Planning Activities and Moving Around The City

Your travel style will determine the choice of your activities. Active travellers tend to choose adventurous activities like hiking, rock climbing, scuba diving, etc, whereas laidback travellers choose relaxing activities like spas, picnics, visits to famous museums and art galleries, etc. While planning any kind of activities you prefer, make sure you plan out your days which give you space to breathe. Strike a balance between micro-planning and macro-planning. Do not plan for every minute of your itinerary nor keep the itinerary empty and to be filled only once you’ve reached there. If you are planning to do multiple activities in a day, make sure that they are in proximity to each other to save your time travelling. Also, while looking for activities to indulge in, ensure that you choose activities which give you a taste of culture for the country you are in.

To travel like a local and get a feel of multiple locations, research about intercity transport. Understand how you can use public transport and how much it costs. Public transport can save you a lot of money too. Also, avoid private transportation which does not have a standard rate as tourists are known to be exploited by opportunist locals.

Wrap Up

Planning your own trips abroad can be a tradeoff where you have to do a lot of research and even worry about the details of your trip. However, the freedom to choose the places you want to live, where you want to eat, how long you want to stay in each city, what you want to do everyday, all makes it definitely worth the trade. On top of that, with each passing trip’s experience, you will develop your own intuition for finding the best possible solutions to your future travels abroad.

As the first time remains to be a challenge and even overwhelming, follow all the above tips at each step in your travel plan to make your planning experience manageable, straightforward and even interesting. In the end, successfully executing your self-planned trips will give you a sense of achievement and pin the badge of a true explorer on you.

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Guest Posting



Guest Posting 1

The internet has set up brands at every corner of the street and getting people to visit yours is a mix of skill and art. The attempts to layout customer roadmaps to your brand which aren’t abandoned are not new and the struggles are the same as before. In fact, the struggle to have your brand heard has piled up as competition keeps emerging and viewer attention span keeps getting fragmented. This has led to a surge in brands using conventional advertisements to highly compress their message to the audience.

This is not the best gameplan to bet on. Ads are perceived by many as intrusive, insincere and housing an ulterior motive. The audience is bombarded with ads from every angle and making it shorter does not really help. Most people don’t react the same way to guest posting.

A guest post is a piece of brand journalism which lives on a publisher’s website. Sponsored posts are an advertorial piece of long-form writing that is created to be highly engaging. They avoid the intrusive and abrupt conventional-approach of ads and indulge in a more respectful and subtle modern-approach for recommending your services or products.

Choosing the right platforms to publish your guest post is crucial as the platform is seen as your partner and representative. Your chosen platform must balance between writing a blog post and a traditional advertisement, stray away from being intrusive and stick with being subtle and respectful. At Global Banking and Finance (GBAF), we offer the opportunity to bank on our decade-long experience and expertise in writing balanced content like this.

How Can Guest Posts on GBAF Help You?

Constantly investing time and effort into writing and publishing on your blog is great for fostering and strengthening your already existing audience relationship but this doesn’t help you reach a new audience.

Guest posting opportunities on our platform gives you access to an untapped audience base. This is a significant advantage in two ways:

  • Familiarity: We have built our audience through our authentic, thought-provoking and storytelling writing nature. Our audience is familiar and receptive to this writing style. When we adapt your content in the same format, it allows your content to have better reception compared to traditional ads. Also, your content will adapt to the environment of content which makes it feel natural and less abrupt or intrusive.
  • Trust: When a consumer learns about your brand through someone they trust (someone like a renowned brand, friend, some industry authority, etc), they are more likely to trust you, too. Our audience’s trust means a chance for your brand’s voice to be heard. It also means having customers who have completed their journey of brand choice. When they choose you, it will be an additional choice of transition from our platform rather than a new choice of approaching you. They only have to go half-way.

With amplified brand reach and redefined trust, your brand visibility and credibility will be boosted. We also help you boost visibility by leveraging our social media channels which currently have 135k followers and keep growing every day.

Another major area of impact when doing guest posts with GBAF is the focus, delivery and expertise of writing. The audience members will engage with your content much more than they do with your traditional ads. This will increase the chances of convincing the customers who doubt, skepticize and speculate becoming customers of your brand from afar. Writing to deliver your promotion with value-driven content also allows you to plug in a recommendation at a crucial point of the problem with your brand as the solution.

Lastly, value-driven content avoids the intrusive BUY THIS! style of writing. Here, the focus is on communicating your knowledge and therefore allows you to establish yourself as a thought-leader in your niche.

All of these combined benefits act as a catalyst to boost your brand reach, funnel attention to your brand, gain a competitive advantage and knock down all other challenges presented in separating yourself from your competition.

Final Thoughts

Brand adoption is slow. Abandoning an old familiar brand route for a new one is difficult. People rarely reach out to brands and they sprint the other way if they see brands reach out to them through conventional and dull ads. In such a deadlock scenario guest posts can provide the perfect strategy to bet on.

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Why Guest Posting is Your Best Bet



Why Guest Posting is Your Best Bet 2

In a scenario where new businesses are popping up everyday, one of the major challenges brands face is that of devising an organic and effective way to get the attention of their target audience. And one of the first solutions that comes to mind is the internet and consecutively, digital marketing. Even though its all-pervasive nature has made it both super-easy to reach people across the globe, the internet also comes with its own set of challenges. In this article, we will discuss the tough-to-crack parts of digital marketing, things that almost every brand representative or marketing executive has to face in the present date.

The oversimplification of digital communication has deceived many brands into believing that it’s the only way to reach their audience. However, the reality is hardly so. Today, there are more platforms and media formats than there have ever been before and newer ones keep emerging everyday. As a result, the netizens have developed a rapidly decreasing attention span. As a result, brands are wrestling to fit their message into as tiny a space as possible in what can only be called conventional methods of advertising.

For many brands, digital marketing proves to be an ordeal that takes years to crack, all the while draining the brand’s potential for more business and/or larger reach. It is worth noting that one of the major challenges that most businesses face is that of people avoiding ads altogether; no matter how good your ad is, chances are that people don’t want to see it, resulting in zero engagement. The second and bigger challenge is that short messages don’t convert those who are unaware of your brand, to brand loyalists. Instead, these ads are likely to affect only those who are already considering buying into what your brand is offering, which might be a small share.

This is where Global Banking & Finance Review (GBAF) comes in. We offer you the opportunity to overcome both the challenges (and more) in one go through our guest post services.

Guest Posts Have An Edge Over Normative Advertisements

Guest posts are advertorial pieces of long-form writing, created with an aim to engage the audience by taking away the impression of normative ads. How? Sponsored posting articles are so designed that they address the audience’s demands or queries, and also offer your brand as a solution instead of point-blank marketing. Consequently, this makes the audience spend a longer time engaging with your brand than they would do with, say, a pop-up ad. Through a guest blog post, your brand has the space to engage in a fair exchange because the article delivers value to your audience rather than being a conventional sales-driven advertisement.

To sum it up, sponsored posts fall right on the sweet spot between a blog post and a traditional advertisement on the spectrum of advertising.

Here’s Why You Should Run Guest Posts on GBAF

At GBAF, our team understands the importance of the environment in which your brand is introduced to an audience, something that leaves a lasting impact on their minds. It goes without saying that this very impression will influence and drive their future decisions on whether they want to engage with your brand and buy what you’re selling. Hence, it is our staff that is usually responsible for writing the posts that go up for your brand on our website. This allows for the sponsored post to merge in seamlessly with the existing content in our website instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. The aim in doing so is to create these posts in a way that does not distract or seem abrupt as guest posts are meant to be adaptive to an existing environment. So, even though it is essentially promoting your brand, a sponsored post is more of a brand journalism piece than an ad.

On our platform, we understand the importance readers attach to authenticity and value. This also allows GBAF to have a firm grip on introducing your brand effectively while simultaneously catering to the audience’s needs. Our team works around the clock to gain our audience’s trust by continually delivering authentic and value-driven content to our readers for more than a decade. When you partner with us, that resource pool is easy to tp into. When a consumer learns about your brand through a reliable source (for instance, someone like a renowned brand, friend, some industry authority, etc), they are more likely to trust you, too.

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Why You Need to Take Guest Posting Seriously



Why You Need to Take Guest Posting Seriously 3

When customers are largely in control of marketing conversations, traditional advertisement has lost its touch. How you educate your prospects and out-educate your competitors now win the battle and generate leads.

If you’re the spokesperson of a brand or if it is your job to tell a story that your customers care about, you know how important it is to be generous, to share your ideas on a platform that promotes storytelling, and to position your brand as the most trusted partner for your customers.

The challenge with quick, easy micro-copy is that it fails to make an impact. It’s like a quick-fix that we try to use in everything we do. However, quick-fixes don’t heal a burning pain-point. A thoughtful, easy-to-read, user-friendly guide does.

At Global Banking & Finance Review (GBAF), we help you help your customers. Here’s how.

Guest Posting: How it Works

Guest posting is the art of telling your story to your audience without shoving it down their throats. It’s not an advertisement, but a thought-leadership content piece that educates & promotes your brand to your target audience without interrupting them.

  • Our editorial team works your content piece to present your brand on our website
  • The sponsored articles adhere to the context, the tone, the voice of your brand and represent it in the way you’d like to portray to your audience
  • The content piece is lucidly written and only does one job, i.e. educating your audience
  • The piece is long-form of content that allows your target audience to engage with your brand longer (much more than an advertisement)
  • It doesn’t distract, interrupt, or intrude the audience
  • Sponsored posts are designed and articulated to solve the audience’s pain-point and showcase your brand as a solution-provider

Why Should You Run Guest Posts on GBAF?

GBAF is a platform that garners a community of over 135,000. Here are four reasons for which you should run guest posts on GBAF:

  1. We help you increase the engagement with your audience: We don’t depend on surveys to understand what your target audience wants. For the last ten years, we have been serving various kinds of readers. And we know them personally. Thus, we know how to place your content to increase engagement.
  2. We put your audience ahead of the marketing funnel: When you run an ad, you start from scratch. And as a result, the first step is always to start with the beginning of the marketing funnel. When you publish a guest post on our platform, your target audience already begins to trust you since we’ve put years of work in building the community.
  3. We help you generate leads: An ad is interruptive. When you submit a guest post on GBAF, it teaches instead. And directs the audience to take action. As a result, you generate more leads. In this era of marketing, the brand that educates better, profits more.
  4. We offer you cost-effective solutions: When you run sponsored articles on GBAF, you’re in charge of your budget. You decide how much you’d like to spend per month. And we support you with cost-effective solutions backed up with the results so that you can calculate your ROI upfront.

How to Submit a Guest Post on GBAF

  • Check categories:
  • B2B: CSR, Green Tech, AI & Big Data, Ongoing Training for Employees, Manufacturing
  • B2C: Travel Destinations, Trends on Buying a Home, Working Remotely, Electronics
  • Follow guidelines:
  • Format: Word format
  • Send at: [email protected] (or use this page to submit a guest post)
  • Length: 750 – 1000 words
  • Image: We need an image of the author (specifications: width – 800 px. & heigh – 600 px.) with original credits
  • Additional requirements:
  • Author Bio: Provide an author bio (name, title, affiliation, bio, and contact). You can add a link
  • Profile: Give a brief overview of the company, key information about the company, major projects, certifications, and company logo. Please submit the profile in word format

We review your submission and if it adheres to our submission guidelines and quality standards, we will connect with you before publishing the article.

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