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4 Reasons Why a Content Strategist is a Must for Your Business Marketing Efforts



Developing a Website Strategy Plan

It's no secret that Facebook and other social media sites are becoming very competitive with their users, but with the right content strategy, you can take your business content to the top of the rankings and drive traffic to your website. In fact, content marketers have found that by taking advantage of the feeds of their target audiences, they can enjoy some remarkable results in terms of increased traffic and sales. If you're interested in boosting your online visibility and making more money, here are some tips for incorporating content strategy with social media marketing:

Don't ignore video marketing. Even though YouTube is the home of brilliant viral videos, it's still a great place to promote your content strategy. Social media outlets like Facebook and MySpace is all about sharing interesting clips and tutorials, so you should definitely include videos in your content strategy, especially if you can create original content and share it with your followers. In fact, a recent study revealed that more than half of Facebook users find the entertaining clips featured on Facebook to be entertaining enough to share with their friends.

Use content marketing to build brand loyalty. Content marketing is a great way to build a social media following that will convert into more sales. After all, when you share good content with your audience, they'll tell their friends and followers, who in turn will pass along your content to even more people. This is essentially the goal of every content strategy, because your content needs to be good enough to attract your audience, and then convince them to share with their network – all with the hope of bringing in even more customers for your business.

Take advantage of Facebook's notification system. Whenever your content becomes popular, it's not uncommon for Facebook to send out a notification, letting users know that something has changed, or to let them know that they should look for your content. An added bonus is that content strategy can also help you get your posts ranked higher on Google, which can help boost your organic SEO efforts.

Don't underestimate the power of YouTube. While it's not exactly a social media site in the classic sense of the term, it can still greatly influence your content strategy. By making use of the video sharing site to post both short and long videos related to your industry, you can reach an incredibly wide audience – and ensure that your target audience can even find you! Of course, this all hinges on your content being of high quality and informative.

Are you looking for a new job? If you're seeking a change of pace, or are simply interested in immersing yourself in a new culture while you work from home, you might want to consider hiring a content strategist to come work for you. Many content marketers start out as interns with major companies. This allows them to gain real-world experience while networking within the company and gaining industry insight. Hiring an experienced content marketer can bring a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to your small business marketing efforts, helping you grow your company and reach your business goals faster.

Don't forget YouTube. Even if you don't think you have any great videos, this social networking site can still be a great way to build brand awareness and increase audience awareness. By posting video content regularly, you can ensure that you reach a wide audience while building brand recognition at the same time. As a matter of fact, content strategy specialists often tell small business owners that they should hire a content strategist, as content marketing is now one of the most important components of a well-rounded online marketing strategy.

Content is king, but so is your content. As a small business owner, you may feel like content marketing is too small to be of benefit to your business. However, hiring a content strategist can prove invaluable as a content marketer can help you to not only market your products and services, but can also help you build brand recognition while increasing customer loyalty. With this, a content strategy can do much for your business.

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