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Trillium-LogoCompany Name : Trillium Software

Nature of Business
Trillium Software is a business of Harte-Hanks, and the leading best-of-breed data quality software and services provider in the world. Trillium’s data quality experts help organizations achieve increased business value from their global data management initiatives by providing enterprise data profiling and data cleansing software solutions that collaborate with existing data systems and applications. Trillium’s data quality suite of products enable business executives and information technology professionals to profile, govern, manage, cleanse, and visualize data for CRM, MDM, regulatory and compliance such as FATCA and CCAR, data warehouse and business intelligence initiatives. The company offers industry-specific business solutions that help solve data problems experienced by financial services, insurance, risk, healthcare and retail professionals.

Locations/ Markets They Operate In
Trillium Software’s global headquarters is located in Billerica, Massachusetts USA. The company also has locations worldwide in the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan.

Contact Information
1-978-436-8900 Americas
+44 (0)118 940 7666 Europe
+61 3 9826 3211 APAC  & [email protected]

Key Executives
The management team in Billerica is made up of key Trillium executives including John Nicoli, Managing Director of Trillium, Michael A. Hutnyan, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Solution Strategy, Glen D. Kimmel, Director of Finance & Business Analysis, Bernard LeCuyer, SVP of Consulting and Product Management, Kevin W. McCarthy, CTO/SVP, David Pietropalo, the VP of Global Alliances, and Len Dubois, Senior Vice President of Marketing.

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Brief History
For over 30 years Trillium Software has been in the business of data quality. The company was born from a small development team within Harte-Hanks that focused on direct marketing services. As the team began to understand the need to improve data in order to achieve successful marketing, the idea of Trillium Software came about. Through the expansion; Trillium Software has become a global provider of enterprise-class software solutions. Trillium develops the software, and in addition provides specific data solutions and subject matter expertise for industries, such as claims data management, foreign tax accounting (FATCA), legal entity, Basel regulations, and regulatory capitol optimization. Overall Trillium helps their clients find efficiencies that lower their total cost of ownership and uncover new opportunities because rapid data improvements translate to real benefits for a company. Trillium has received many awards and has been recognized as a leader in data quality and customer satisfaction by organizations such as Gartner, Forrester Research, The Information Difference, and Bloor Research.

Certifications/ Licenses
Microsoft CRM Silver Application Development Partner

Products & Services Offered
The Trillium Software System® is the only data quality platform purpose-built for business and IT collaboration. The business is now able to work side-by-side with IT to improve and manage the quality of information. Trillium Software is a provider of data certification solutions for financial services firms that improve risk management and regulatory compliance processes.  Our solutions combine deep industry data management expertise in the areas of capital, liquidity, credit, and regulatory processes with a best in class technology platform to deliver complete, turn key solutions. Trillium offers various solutions for Basel, FATCA, and claims data quality. Trillium Software also offers consulting services in areas such as data governance, strategic consulting, and education services. Trillium Consulting, a team of dedicated data quality experts, helps companies extract the most business value from their data. Experienced in the nuances of diverse industries and business operations, our consultants ensure the success of all of your data-intensive projects to make certain you derive the maximum value from your most important strategic business asset—your data.

Major Projects/ Customers
Visa, J.P. Morgan, HSBC, Bank of America, ABSA Capital, Banco Popular, Chaucer, PNC Bank, UMB Bank, Barclays, Lloyds of London




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