Stroz Friedberg

We’re living in a digital world, where organisations are facing a rapidly changing risk landscape.

Seth-BermanDriven by a guiding purpose: Seek Truth, Stroz Friedberg works with large corporates, law firms and government agencies to understand, manage and counter such risks. We seek truth because truth can expose organisational threats, criminal behaviour and security weaknesses. It can identify new possibilities, protecting and propelling businesses forward.
Founded in 2000, we have earned a reputation as a global leader in investigations, intelligence, and risk services, working at the intersection of technology, investigations, regulatory governance and behavioural science. Located in 11 offices across North America, Europe and Asia, we are a collection of the brightest minds in the fields of digital forensics, cybercrime and incident response, security science, forensic accounting, compliance, due diligence, data disclosure and analytics.
For further information, please contact Seth Berman, executive managing director of Stroz Friedberg ([email protected]).




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