What is Python used for?

Technically, Python is the high level and object-oriented programming language which is primarily integrated with the dynamic semantics for the app and web development. Due to its Dynamic options of binding and dynamic typing, Python is very much in demand in Rapid Application Development.

If compared, then Python is simple, and it is very easy to learn. All that is needed is unique syntax which focus primarily on readability. It is easy for developers to read as well as translate the Python codes, it helps in reducing the cost involved in program development and maintenance. All this become possible, because it ensures that team can work in collaboration without any experience or language barrier.

Python has an expansive library which works like an open source tool of data analysis, testing instruments, web frameworks, this makes python one of the largest programming community. Python is the language which is accessible to the new programmers, as it provides various introductory resources. This language is also taught in various universities, and also used in working with the devices that are beginner friendly, for example Raspberry Pi.

Python has numerous applications, let’s have a look on few of them,

  1. Application in Internet and Web Development

Various choices are offered by the Python for the web development

  • Frameworks, for example Pyramid and Django
  • Advanced systems of content management for example django CMS and Plone
  • Micro frameworks for example Bottle and Flask

Various Internet protocols are supported by the standard library of Python, which are:

  • JSON
  • XML and HTML
  • Email processing etc
  1. Application in Education

Python is considered the best language to teach the programming, be it at introductory level or for the advanced courses.

  1. Numeric and Scientific Applications

There is an extensive use of Python in numeric and scientific computing:

  • Pandas is the library of data analysis and modelling
  • SciPy is very nice collection of packages for engineering, science and mathematics
  • Another name is IPython which is the interactive shell that is very powerful and ensures easy recording and editing of the work session. It also supports the parallel computing and visualizations
  • Basic skills needed for running bootcamps, scientific computing can be taught by Software Carpentry Course. It also provides the teaching material that is accessed openly
  1. Application in Desktop GUIs

Tk GUI library is a part of most of the binary distributions of the Python. Toolkits that can be used on various platforms is separately available.

  • Qt via pyside or pyqt
  • Kivy, is used for writing the multi-touch applications
  • wxWidgets
  1. Business Applications of Python

In business, Python proves to be of great importance for building up the e-commerce systems and ERP.

  • Odoo is termed to be a management software which is all-in-one. It offers wide range of the business applications, which help in forming the complete suite needed for applications of enterprise management
  • Tryton is high level three-tier application platform used for general purposes
  1. Software Development Applications

Python proves to be highly useful for the software developers and used in the form of support language, for testing, build control as well as management etc.

  • SCons helps in build control
  • Trac or Roundup is used for project management and bug tracking
  • Apache Gump and Buildbot is used for testing and automated continuous compilation

Few reasons why you should consider Python for writing software applications

  1. Codes are Maintainable and Readable

To write software application, the main focus remains on the source code’s quality because it helps in simplifying the updates and maintenance. With Python’s syntax rules you can easily express the concepts and writing additional code is not required.

  1. Compatibility with the Prominent Systems and Platforms

Various operating systems are conveniently supported by the Python. Python interpreters can be used for running the code on some specific tools and platforms. It is also one of the interpreted programming languages. You do not have to recompile any code before running it on multiple platforms, as Python doesn’t ask for it.

  1. Helps in Simplifying the Software Development that are Complex

Being a programming language, which is used for general purpose, Python helps in developing web as well as desktop applications. Python can also be used for developing the complex numeric as well as scientific applications. Designing of Python is done in a way that it also facilitates the visualization and data analysis.

Python proves to be very helpful in simplifying the software maintenance and speeding up the development of software.

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