Volta – A New Manufacturing Change Management Consultancy with a Fresh Approach Opens Its Doors

A new change management consultancy firm with a different take on delivering change in the manufacturing industry opens its doors this week. Instead of bringing a prescriptive approach to fostering change, Volta offers a tailored, person-centric route to manufacturers seeking sustainable organisational improvements.

By creating happier, inspired and more efficient teams within manufacturing organisations, Volta contends that employees feel more empowered and able to deliver change themselves.

Using the in-house ‘Volta Venn’ system of change management, the consultancy firm focuses on improvements in three key areas: people, data and tools.

This three-pronged approach to change management empowers manufacturing organisations to improve the operational efficiency of on-site teams and gives clearer insight into KPIs.

The system provides a strong, defined idea of in-house assets and goals, with this insight powering business decisions to improve project delivery.

The key to Volta’s offering is the care, attention and bespoke approach it brings to each client, acting in partnership with the business to deliver the best results. The company applies the strategy of bringing all relevant assets to bear from across the Volta organisation on a project, all driven by a passion for changing how the manufacturing industry operates. This ethos comes from a passion for inspiring change with Volta’s goal to help clients establish long-term goals and a define, achievable vision.

Ultimately, Volta wants to take production teams in the manufacturing sector on a journey of continuous improvement. The intended outcome is a self-sustaining environment of positive change and growth.

Luke Mullins, CEO, said, “When establishing Volta, we looked around at other companies in our sector and realised that very few offer insight into the actual core of the company. We saw far too many firms providing a rigid framework and forcing specific performance measures onto clients. We didn’t like that.

“This only strengthened our resolve to create a change management consultancy firm that really focuses in on the most important areas of a business – people, data and tools. We feel that our approach is much more in touch with the reality of our clients than simply laying down KPIs and hoping the client meets them. What we offer is real organisation change – and all from the needs and requirements of the client at hand.”

To find out more, visit www.WeAreVolta.co.uk

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