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VITCHELO® ( continues to set itself apart in the outdoor gear marketplace. Recently, the company received an official U.S. Registered Trademark, which gives the VITCHELO® name not only an enviable level of respect, but also a competitive edge in the marketplace.

vitchelo“We’ve always believed ‘VITCHELO®’ means something important – namely, safe and reliable gear that meets the highest quality standards,” explains Gui Laurent Verrier, Marketing Director. “After all, there’s no reason chasing an adrenaline rush needs to equal extreme danger. Our product development therefore focuses on safety above virtually all else. We don’t believe consumers should have to worry about the performance of their gear, regardless of conditions.”

The philosophy of VITCHELO® is simple: Design top-shelf products for people seeking an adrenaline rush – or just a memorable experience in the great outdoors – while staying true to the company’s core values of quality, safety, consistency and reliability. Other companies sometimes reduce their spending on quality assurance as sales climb. This reckless pursuit of profit results in sub-par products and unhappy customers. VITCHELO® has no intention of going that route.

For outdoor enthusiasts – and the people who love them – VITCHELO®’s new trademark status delivers several important benefits. While the company has always maintained the highest internal standards in manufacturing and customer service, the official trademark effectively “locks in” those qualities. The company’s newly registered trademark applies to every product in its catalog, as well as every future product. The trademark symbol is therefore an investment in a brand’s reputation, one that VITCHELO® has been happy to make.

A registered trademark is equally a symbol of uniformity, ensuring each product is identical in quality and performance. VITCHELO® doesn’t believe in giving customers “surprises.” Moreover, every one of the company’s products is covered by both a lifetime warranty and a 60-day money back guarantee.

Consumers have learned by now that ecommerce is a hotly competitive space. Dozens of imitators crop up every time a new idea becomes successful. With its trademark now officially registered, VITCHELO® has gone the extra mile to ensure its customers are not tricked by rip-off artists. All shoppers need to is look for the “VITCHELO®” name to make sure they’re getting the genuine article.

VITCHELO®’s store page features a complete catalog of all products, from swimming goggles to LED book lights. The company’s signature products are the V800 and V800 Plus Headlamp.

“We invite adventurous consumers to ‘come outside’ with VITCHELO®,” adds James Lissaint, CEO. “Designing outdoor tools that contribute to people’s safety and enjoyment of life is our reason for being, and we look forward to another exciting year of doing precisely that. The VITCHELO® team is always researching new and better products in response to consumer demand. An official trademark was the logical next step in that mission.”

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