VersiTouch, Inc. Announces Name Change To VersiTech, LLC To Reflect Commitment To Technical Innovation

Portland, Oregon Based Restaurant Software and Hardware Company Highlights Suite of New Products Beyond Point of Sale through Re-branding

VersiTouch, Inc.—a leader in restaurant point of sale software and hardware technology—announced today that it is changing its corporate name to VersiTech, LLC. The name change reflects the company’s commitment to technical innovation and its expanding suite of products offered. VersiTech, LLC is investing heavily in modern features while maintaining the quality, service, and reliability of its legacy point of sale systems.

Over the past 25 years, thousands of hospitality businesses have chosen VersiTouch POS software to streamline their business operations. VersiTech, LLC owner Tyler Young said, “I am honored and privileged to add cutting-edge features to one of the most robust and feature-rich point of sale systems throughout the 2000s. We have a talented team of innovators that have years of experience in restaurants which allows us, as a company, to fill holes before businesses realize they need to be filled.”

VersiTouch, Inc. longtime affiliate Tyler Young purchased the Point of Sale software in 2017 from Jonathan Bauder. Bauder says, “This was a strategic change in ownership which allowed for a heavy investment to increase the VersiTouch suite of products.” This also allowed for the implementation of plans to together launch VersiTech, LLC. Young and Bauder have rebranded the company and hired Eric Noel, who originally developed what would become the VersiTouch POS suite in 1992, as lead developer. The newly branded company offers a wide range of restaurant hardware and software products to enhance management capabilities and customer experience. The product suite includes: VersiPOS, the company’s acclaimed point of sale system; VersiEats, online ordering for efficient grab-and-go service; VersiPay, synchronized payment processing; VersiMobile, a table side mobile system that seamlessly integrates with VersiPOS via tablets; VersiSites, an easy to use website builder; and VersiWiFi, a public WiFi hotspot for customers that gathers basic customer demographic information. Several other products are currently in development and will be released later this year.

“Tyler is an innovator and the ideas are endless, with this team we are going to make dynamic additions to the VersiTouch system, and I am happy to be a part of this launch,” said Bauder. “VersiTech is going to bring you the next evolution of the POS System. With over 145 million transactions run through VersiTouch each year of its almost 25 years of operation, we have learned a lot about what restaurant owners and their staff need in a point of sale and beyond.”

VersiTech, LLC is committed to providing restaurants with point of sale software and additional features that are customizable, with unparalleled versatility.

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