Platform to bring the tools once only available to hedge fund clients to all investors.

 Registered investment advisers (RIAs) and institutions manage over $60 trillion, or 90% of the wealth in America. Yet, most advisors don’t have an effective way to manage risk. Cassia has launched COPILOT, a new online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that allows advisors to effectively and efficiently monitor risk in real time and hedge or exploit market volatility for their clients.

As made famous by Buffett, rule #1 of investing: never lose money. Rule #2: never forget rule #1. COPILOT is created to help advisors effectively demonstrate to clients how they will not lose them money, and in turn, how they will make them money. Highly sophisticated algorithms available to top hedge funds can greatly benefit independent advisors. Advisors can build a multi-factor or risk targeted portfolio, and print out a proposal directly on the COPILOT platform.

COPILOT is streamlining the risk management process and allowing advisors to seamlessly sign up new clients while creating the right portfolio every time.  With risk forecasting, targeting and volatility positioning, advisors have high level information at their fingertips around the clock so they can work faster, better and smarter.

A gap in the market

COPILOT solves real pressure points for advisors. Advisors need an easy way to build a portfolio and assign multiple accounts or clients to the models that they create. Before COPILOT, advisors had no efficient means of doing this, nor did the market have anything to guide them in terms of lowering risks on multiple assets and asset classes.  COPILOT provides both. Located on the cloud, COPILOT allows advisors to login from anywhere, anytime and access powerful tools to build portfolios, backtest, and manage hundreds of clients seamlessly.

“Our aim is to make financial advisors more independent, says Henry Bee, CEO of Cassia.“ We have noticed that many larger broker-dealers are starting to part ways with advisors who bring in less than $750,000 in revenue per year, putting pressure on advisors to focus on high net worth clients. We’re about solving the asymmetry of information between the producer and the consumer, and democratizing sophisticated technology that, until now, have only been used by top hedge funds.”

Why now?

The industry is shifting and advisors need to be proactive to stay relevant to their clients. From 2005 to 2011 the independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) industry grew by more than 40% while traditional wirehouses only grew by 5%. Subsequently, almost three-quarters of existing clients followed advisors who moved to an independent RIA firm as regulatory changes moved advisors from a commission structure to a fee based structure. Charging a fee for services aligns the advisors’ interest with the client’s because the more efficient an advisor is and the less cost he pays, the more fee he keeps and the higher return to the client. This is expected to drive huge demand for software, like COPILOT.

“For advisors who are prepared with scalable investment models, streamlined trading processes and understand the importance of communication and market corrections, like 2008, can create a tremendous opportunity, says Jason Wilder, Executive Vice-President at CMG Capital Management Group. “By leveraging technology like Copilot these advisors can spend less time reacting to their clients and become more proactive, building client confidence which leads to referrals and growth opportunities.”

Launching in December 2016, Cassia already has more than a dozen firms using their platform. Originally launching in the US and Canada, Cassia has plans to expand into China within the year.

Editor in Chief: Wanda Rich

Editor in Chief: Wanda Rich

Wanda has over 20 years of experience in the Financial industry. She is an avid reader and a strong supporter of CSR and community outreach activities with a unique perspective of how financial institutions work.
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